Optus Creates Shark Detection Technology

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According to the Annual Australian Shark Attack Report Summary of 2013, there were a total of 14 shark attacks across the states. Two of these attacks were fatal; ten shark attacks left the people injured while two attacks left the people unharmed.

The figures may show isolated shark attack cases, the fact still remains that sharks attack and can kill people.

On May 26, Optus Australia announced a partnership with Shark Mitigation Systems in developing a world-first digital shark detection technology that will protect not just the Aussies but people across countries from possible shark attacks.

The technology was dubbed as the Clever Buoy. It will be designed to utilise sonar technology to track sharks and shark-sized objects along coastal areas.

"We are very proud to be part of the development of a revolutionary product that has the potential to change the lives of beach-goers and protect sharks across the globe. Clever Buoy could change beach safety forever as we learn more about shark behaviour through a truly digital method of detection. This idea couldn't have come to life without our brilliant Optus Network. It will play a key part in making sure Clever Buoy can reach its full potential and one day hopefully be everywhere for lifeguards as they take care of Australians while enjoying a day at the beach," Nathan Rosenberg, Head of Brand and Communications, Optus said in a statement.

Shark Mitigation Systems is the top developer of shark prevention technology in Australia. The company was the brain behind the wetsuits and marine apparel designed to decrease the chance of sharks attacking divers.

 "Very little is known about shark behaviour and we are continually striving to learn more about them. The reality is, there currently isn't one perfect shark detection system. We wanted to develop a non-invasive shark-detection solution to improve our capacity to detect sharks off beaches which could be a big step in improving beach safety," Hamish Jolly, Director of Shark Mitigation Systems said.

The Clever Buoy will be tested through a feasibility study which involves Google Plus sending out an alert for Optus Network to send signal to lifeguards on beaches when sharks are detected.

The technology is aimed for release and commercial purchase by mid-2015.

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