Oprah Winfrey Evicted Stepmother from Tennessee House after Parent’s Split

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Oprah Winfrey is known for her influence and philanthropy. For years she has been an icon of America's pop culture while her show "Oprah" continues to inspire millions being the undefeated talk show in terms rating in the American television history.

However, surfacing reports suggest that Oprah is not the "fairy godmother" many women around the world thinks that she is. In an interview with Mail Online, Oprah's stepmother Barbara Winfrey revealed the "other-side" of the famous talk-show host, saying that she is controlling and not the caring and generous woman she has been tagged all along.

Barbara Winfrey married Vernon Winfrey, Oprah's father, in 2000. The 66-year-old lady first met Mr. Winfrey when she was Vice Principal at Brentwood High School, a public school in Nashville, Tennessee. It took them 15 years to reconnect and finally become a couple, but Oprah did not approve of the relationship, only attending the ceremony because it would appear negative if she will ignore the event.

The former Mrs. Winfrey's marriage last for 14 years before it ended into a painful divorce that left her homeless. She shared her relationship with Vernon Winfrey broke into pieces when he cheated on her by having a relationship with a prostitute named "One Tooth."

Despite her husband's betrayal, Barbara said that they might have fixed their issues if Oprah did not come in between. She pointed out that the media mogul is a person who empowers women to stand up against men who mistreats them, but she pushed her out instead of realising that her dad was the one who did wrong.

The two-part Daily Mail interview with Barbara shows the woman's bitterness and regret of being forced to leave her home. The new divorcee is sentimental about the house, noting it to be the home where the memories she treasured lies.

"You say I never talk to you? I want to talk to you now. You have until Monday to get out of MY house." Oprah allegedly said to her ex-stepmother ousting her from the house she lived for 14 years.

Netizens have mixed reactions regarding Barbara Winfrey's big revelation. Some people on Facebook expressed that it is not new in the show business to have people who are hiding in a fake facade. In Twitter, commenters say that the two-side of the story needs to be heard for the information to be trusted.

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