Oprah Paying $900K Bail For Felon Jeremy Meeks 'Not True,' McMug's Nude Photos Leaked

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Oprah Winfrey, an American talk show host, has denied posting a bail worth $900K for Jeremy Meeks, a 30-year-old felon who became an Internet sensation for his "sexy" mugshot.

Contrary to the report by Empire News, Oprah did not post a bail for Meeks' freedom, even so asked him to become a part of her talk show.   

Via Empire News

"The Internet was abuzz this past week when a mugshot of accused arms dealer Jeremy Meeks hit the Web, making women swoon and men jealous over his moviestar good looks.

Apparently, all the attention he has gotten after being arrested has only helped him, as Billionaire Actress and Media Mogul Winfrey has reportedly agreed to pay Meeks' $900,000 bail, with the intent of giving him a job as a talk show host on her OWN Network.

Unfortunately, the bogus report has still generated massive response from social media, some were shocked to learn the talk show host helped free a felon for being "beautiful."

"Much respect for Oprah helping this young men. Some people are going to knock her but I applaud her. If this is true," an anonymous Twitter user said.

"I hope she really did not do this. It's so much better stuff she could use that money for, like some homeless families. I don't see where he is so good looking like people are saying. He looks ok but he is not all that," one posted on Facebook.

Alleged Nude Pic Leaked

Meeks, whose popularity went skyrocketing after his mugshot became viral, stressed he's not a member of a gang, as contrary to the charges filed at Stockton Police Department.

"I just want them [admirers] to know that this is really not me, like I'm not some kingpin," Meeks told ABC affiliate KXTV in a jailhouse interview.

Then again, Meeks was once again at the center of controversy after his alleged nude photos went viral, further adding to the legend of Dreamy McMug.

"Jeremy Meeks' alleged nude pictures were leaked online Saturday, just a day after his Stock Police Department mugshot went viral, garnering over 70k likes on Facebook. Ladies, if you were a fan of his face check out the real 'weapon' he was packing," according to BlackSports Online.

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