An Onlooker Inadvertently Recorded Michael Schumacher's Accident on Smartphone

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Formula One star Michael Schumacher remained in critical but stable condition even a week after his skiing accident in the French Alps. Reportedly a German bystander unintentionally covered the accident on his Smartphone.

A German fellow who says he was filming his wife  when per chance he recorded the Schumacher's accident. This footage will help investigators to find out the cause of accident. Schumacher was wearing a helmet-mounted camera that will probably provide some hints how the accident happened.

According to the German eyewitness, who talked to the news magazine Der Spiegel, Schumacher was skiing at a  speed of  20 kilometres an hour when he fell on Dec 29. Reportedly he will give the video recording to French investigators. The video has not been published on Spiegel. 

This would support claims by Schumacher's spokesperson Sabine Kehm, who said he could not have been skiing in high-speed "because it appears he helped a friend who had just fallen."  On the contrary, in a press conference last week, the team of doctors who are treating Schumacher said he had been skiing at huge speed. A specialist on accident claims Edouard Bourgin, said there could have been "a catapult effect that explains the violence of the shock, even in the absence of excessive speed."

The prosecutors are looking at two major points:

  1. Wether the limits of the ski runs adjacent the accident site were correctly marked
  2. If the rock in question was lying close enough to the piste to require some kind of safeguard or signage

Schumacher turned 45 on last Friday, and Ferrari fans marked the birthday with a silent vigil outside the French hospital where the racing champion continued to battle for his life after a skiing accident.

"Michael's condition remains critical, but also stable. We explicitly stress that any information on his health that does not hail either from the doctors involved or from [Schumacher's] management team is not valid and is pure speculation," stated Kehm on Saturday.

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