Online Mockery Pushes John Travolta to Apologize to 'Frozen' Singer Idina Menzel

  on March 05 2014 5:42 PM

John Travolta issued an apology of sorts Tuesday, but offered no explanation on why he called her "Adele Dazeem." This is in relation to the Oscars incident where Idina Menzel's name was butchered by the A-list actor presenter.

With a song like "Let It Go" going on a repeat on some kid's iPod now, it comes as a surprise that Oscars Best Original Song Singer Idina Menzel's name can be mispronounced by John Travolta. In fact, the veteran actor presenter in the 86th Academy Awards did not just mispronounce Menzel's name, he called someone else entirely, and no one has heard of that name either. Who is Adele Dazeem? Sounds real far to Idina Menzel.

Following the incident, the Internet went abuzz with memes and online mockery, including an app to "Travoltify" your own name. With this app, ordinary people can figure out what their names will sound like when Travolta pronounces them. 

No one was going to let Travolta live it down until he says sorry it seems. Travolta finally gave in on Tuesday and apologized, of sorts.

"I've been beating myself up all day," Travolta said in an emailed statement to the LA Times. "Then I thought...what would Idina Menzel say, She'd say, Let it go, let it go! Idina is incredibly talented and I am so happy Frozen took home two Oscars Sunday night!"

Well, with that kind of apology, he sure has to pray harder that the online mockery he is receiving will soon stop. 

Idina Menzel was not offended though, Travolta did not even have to say sorry. She even hugged Travolta after her Oscars performance.

A source exclusively shared to E! Online that the "Frozen" star isn't upset by John Travolta "Adele Dazeem" mishap at the Oscars. "She laughed it off," said the source. "She thought it was so funny. She was like, 'What are you going to do?'

"Idina just thought the incident was part of the magical night she was invited to participate in. "The Oscars were a dream come true for Idina," said the source. "She wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that."

Menzel also tweeted, "Still pinching myself over my entire #Oscars experience. Dream come true."

Whether or not Travolta can remember her name is of no concern. The whole world now loves Idina Menzel.  In fact, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots recruited Menzel for their latest performance, aided by classroom instruments, on Monday's Tonight Show. 

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