OnePlus Two in the Making? Company Refutes Rumors - Reports

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While many might still be striving to secure an 'invitation' to buy the OnePlus One device, the company meanwhile is reported to have already started working on the successor to it. Interestingly, the company is believed to have named the next version OnePlus Two.

Usually, rumours such as this would have flown by unnoticed had it not originated from Evleaks. The serial leakster has built a reputation of being spot on most of the time. This explains why many have taken to the rumours quite seriously even with OnePlus One still being relatively fresh.

Evleaks is also claiming the OnePlus Two to be codenamed Lettuce, which again can be considered a worthy sequel considering the OnePlus One to have been codenamed Bacon. Unfortunately, other details are missing, which means we don't have any idea of when the device is going to land or what it's going to offer and so on.

For those who might still be alien to OnePlus One, it's a startup company with the motto "Never Settle." Put in other words, the company strives to offer the best technological solution that won't require buyers to break the bank to own one.

Its initial offering, the OnePlus One smartphone, speaks volumes of its ambition of being the 2014 flagship killer. Apart from a best in class hardware setup, another biggest USP of the device is that it comes loaded with Cyanogen Mod. This makes for a direct Android experience sans the usual bloatware that accompanies many a smartphone even in the premium category, reported Ubergizmo.

However, in what can be considered a big let-down, the company follows a weird marketing strategy, with one Phandroid post being particularly skeptical of the company as a whole. There is no way eager buyers can procure the device unless they are specifically invited to do so. To get an invitation, one will have to ask a current OnePlus One owner to send you one. The company revealed in its Web site they have decided to keep the retailers, distributers, advertisers out of the loop and directly let users do the talking for them.


OnePlus One sources have issued a statement claiming they are still devoted to the company's intial offering, the OnePlus One smartphone and have ruled out a successor to it being in the works right now.

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