OnePlus One Phone: The Customizable and Competitive Smartphone is Official with a Very Creative Ad

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It's official: the OnePlus One phone from China, which is said to have pretty good specs at a price that won't leave you crying, does actually exist.

Confirmed features for the handset include having a 5.5-inch 1080p display, a 13-megapixel camera, with Exmor IMX214 sensor, image stabilization and slow-motion recording, 5-megapixel front camera, 4K video capability, 3100mAh Li-Po battery, 3GB of RAM and dual stereo speakers.

But what may be the biggest selling point of the OnePlus One handset is that it is faster than the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is one of the coveted phones for 2014, but at the entry level price that beats the Nexus 5.

Digital Trends states that, for the specs of the OnePlus One, you have the added ability of the Snapdragon 801 processor that's seen in the Samsung Galaxy S5, with a customized CyanogenMod version of the Android OS. This version is said to be highly modifiable.

Speaking of customizable capabilities, the OnePlus One is also customizable on the outside, and already has five unique looks that you can get for your own handset. While you start with a sandstone black or silk white version of the OnePlusOne handset, you can get more back designs, called StyleSwap covers. These will be made available in bamboo, denim, wood and Kevlar.

The CyanogenMod 11S: Customization done the right way?

Customization in phones can come in a variety of ways, but for the OnePlus One, it takes the Android OS and creates enhancements of its own to let you be in charge of the handset.

Engadget reports that there are even bonuses to the software, including screen-off gesture controls for some functions and apps. Best of all, CyanogenMod 11S may be looking at a perfect match in terms of hardware design with the OnePlus One. According to the report, the "never settle" motto of the company has shaped the ideal for the design to put it at a good place in what really is an overcrowded market.

OnePlus, Never Settle trailer (via YouTube)

"You can use all sorts of marketing tactics, but when you're back to making a product, you must take users' actual needs into consideration," said CEO Pete Lau to Engadget. "They are the ones who will actually use it, so they know best. You can exaggerate when you're selling a product, but when the buyers use it and are left disappointed, they'll still complain, right?"

As for the launch timeline for countries outside of America, GSM Arena reports that the OnePlus One is expected to launch by Q2 to the following countries:

- Austria

- Belgiu,

- Canada

- Denmark

- Finland

- France

- Germany

- Hong Kong

- Italy

- Netherlands

- Portugal

- Spain

- Sweden

- Taiwak

- U.K.

- U.S.A.

Thrash your old phone for a new one campaign

If there's anything to be said about OnePlus, it's definitely that they have a creative arm that has wild ideas.

Enter the OnePlus One promo campaign, where the first 100 lucky buyers can get their hands on the handset ahead of everyone else and for a measly $1. The catch? You need to film yourself smashing your old phone to bits.

Phone Arena reports that this is just one of the many public attention-catching stunts that OnePlus One is enjoying, as it has become one of the most covered devices, considering that it is a new phone from China, compared to its veteran competitors.

So, is your old phone worth being thrashed for a OnePlus One?

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