'OneKey Pro:' iPhone And iPad Productivity App Available as Free Download

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OneKey Pro app for iPhone and iPad is a versatile productivity app.

iPhone users who are comfortable using "password manager" to ascertain the security of their online passwords should try this app.

Cyberterrorists formulate new ways and modes to attack users online to steal information. The only way to protect oneself from such attacks is by setting the passwords unique and complex for every Web site and service that are being used.

Remembering complex passwords pertaining to individual services and Web sites is a Herculean task. This is precisely where OneKey Pro app comes into play.

Password Manager

OneKey Pro is a universal iOS app for iPhones and iPads. The app requests the user to pick one password needed to log into the app, similar to any other password manager app. The second step will be the usernames, passwords and other required information are stored within the app. This app secures the passwords, private data, Web logins, usernames and other required info using 256 bit encryption. Also, this app touts a user-friendly interface and supports cloud service with DropBox. This app may also support Web site backup option. At the same time, OneKey Pro app can save credit card details, PINs, bank accounts and notes for easy access.


Although App Store is flooded with many password manager apps, there is a flipside to OneKey Pro app, i.e. there is no support to desktop companion software. Users need to do a lot of manual typing for the initial set-up. It is a free app. Other popular password manager apps, like 1Password app, cost $17.99.

Free Download

The app is available as a free download in iTunes Store. Interested readers can download the app by clicking here.


The basic requirement is an iOS 5.0 or higher version. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Features (Quick View)

- It has secured storage for passwords, usernames, credit cards, PINs, notes and bank-related data.

- It has a solid 256 bit AES encryption.

- It comes with "time-out locks" to protect the app from snoopy eyes.

- An auto-lock feature protects the passwords from hackers.

- Backup and restore data options are available via Wi-Fi and Dropbox.

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