One Solid Reason to Wait for iPhone 6 Release Date and Skip Galaxy S5 – Quantum Dot Display Technology

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iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako
iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako Dani Yako via Concept-Phones

The iPhone 6 release date is worth waiting for despite the Galaxy S5 arrival this MWC 2014 week and one killer feature that should elicit awes and jaw-drops is the handset's Quantum Dot (QD) display technology, reports say

In line with Apple's tradition of introducing innovations with each iPhone model, there has to be something new that the iPhone 6 will bring to the table, Forbes said in a report. It is not only about the larger screen profile but more on the display technology to come with the device, the publication added.

Retina panel was ushered in with the iPhone 4 and for the next iPhone, QD display will head the pack of fresh iOS features that will distinguish the Apple device from the bunch of Android and Windows flagships to hit the market this 2014.

That the iPhone will be the first QD smartphone is almost a certainty, Forbes declared, pointing to display tech specialist Nanosys as source. The company appears ready to mass produce QD display panels that can be used on televisions and mobile devices.

Nanosys is highly confident that QD panels for smartphones are all prepped for volume distribution in the second half of 2014, which is a schedule that is fully aligned with the projected iPhone 6 release date - likely in September of the year, at the earliest.

Forbes also believes that Apple engineers are hard at work on developing QD-laced screens for the iPhone 5S replacement since last year as implied in the number of related patents that was leaked out at around the same time.

The publication also noted that by December 2014, stories of QD display becoming part of the iPhone supply chain started swirling, giving more credence to the speculations.

But what really is so exciting about an iPhone 6 that beams out screen rendering in QD tech?

For one, according to BGR, the iPhone visual experience will move a notch higher or far more significant improvement than previously seen in Retina-boasting iPhones.

Apple is set to differentiate its take on QD technology from the one used in Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX, said the same report. The end-goal is to eliminate all the compromises that came with the Amazon tablet, which suits well with Apple CEO Tim Cook's emphasis on near-perfect technology.

With QD display on-board, the iPhone 6 is able to deliver accurate colour rendition, which is a capability that could be extended to the 2014 iPad Air and iPad Mini refreshes, and more.

BGR spelled out the following general benefits that end-users will get when buying the iPhone 6 with QD screen in tow:

-          More efficient battery use

-          Device longevity

-          And the likely pairing of QD display with a bendable or flexible screen.

Plus one thing is definitely sure, QD display will be the banner killer feature that the Retina panel was a few years ago with the iPhone 4 and this offering is likely to grace the iPhone 6 release date, which should come in the latter part of Q3 2014.

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