One Solid Proof iPhone 6 Will Sport Big Display Panel on Release Date - The Monumental iPhone 5C Failure

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The iPhone 6 on its rumoured late summer release date this 2014 is expected to wow and amaze with a bigger screen than the 4-inch iPhone 5S and that just might be the case, thanks to the plastic-wrapped iPhone 5C.

If DigiTimes is to be believed, some three million iPhone 5Cs remain untouched and gathering dust in various Apple partner manufacturer, seller and distributors. And the likelihood is, such unwelcome inventory will not be moving in significant numbers unless serious price cuts will take effect.

Citing its unidentified sources in the Apple supply chain, DigiTimes reported this week that the 5C overall global sales is slow moving and way below Apple's expectations due to the handset's "higher-than-expected price point and 4-inch display."

While Apple has declared on its last financial report that it sold 51 million iPhones during the three-month span of the December 2013 quarter, the company did not specify how many 5Cs were cleared in the same period.

But granted that the figures supplied by the DigiTimes report are correct, the iPhone maker will surely take measures to correct the mistakes that attended the iPhone 5C, which was initially touted as Apple's low-cost iOS smartphone.

One solution being floated by Apple watchers is axing of the 5C business altogether, as suggested by Apple CEO Tim Cook's declaration that his company will not join the 'junk smartphone' bandwagon.

But the more important adjustment will be on the flagship 2014 iPhone, which implies that Apple will finally take heed of the popular demands from millions of fans and deliver a larger iPhone 6 screen that could stretch between 4.5-inch and 5.5-inch.

Many analysts are convinced that Apple will elect to upsize but will design the next iPhone screen to remain optimal with one-hand navigation.

The object for Apple, of course, is to erase the blot created by the iPhone 5C fiasco and maintain its growth course amidst claims by research firms that the global smartphone is nearing the saturation point and Apple is not immune from the negative impact that the trend will bring.

But will the bigger iPhone 6 go cheaper than the previous models in order to effectively compete with the more affordable Android handsets?

The tech giant may or may not dial down the iPhone price point, not to the dirt-cheap level, but analysts are looking on the possibility that Apple will continue to lure consumers by packing the iPhone 6 with innovative features that the competition lacks.

One of them, according to Peter Misek, is the enhanced M7 motion co-processor that the iPhone 5S has showcased in late 2013. However, this and other killer feature additions would force Apple to issue the next iPhone in late summer or between late August and early September 2014, the analyst was reported by as saying.

His reading runs in counter with previous assessments from some Apple watchers that the iPhone 6 release date is around June this year, bearing a 1080p display screen, a Liquidmetal casing with an extra-strong sapphire coating, an 8MP rear shooter with fresh camera software upgrades and iOS 8.

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