One-Eyed Goat Draws Attention from Astonished Locals

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If you think that you have already seen everything, better brace yourself as Mother Nature offers another amazing thing to shock us. Like the one-eyed goat born in Perundurai, Erode, India.

Kandasamy, the goat's owner, claimed he never encountered anything like this in the past 10 years of breeding goats. According to Dr. K. Asokan, Coimbatore VOC Park Zoo's director, the goat's strange appearance was caused by a genetic disorder. "It's rare to see such goats in the villages," Dr. Asokan said.

In 2004, residents of Durban's Folweni town were also shocked to see a baby goat born with just one eye in the middle of the forehead just like Cyclops of the Greek mythology. What made it more astounding was the fact that the single eye looked eerily human.

The news about the goat's weird birth spread like fire as hundreds of spectators headed to Folweni to witness the existence of the one-eyed goat. Locals even named the little animal Umlingo, isiZulu which means miracle.

At that time, some of the community members think that the goat's appearance was the result of bestiality. "We've never seen anything like this before. There are many immoral people who think nothing of raping toddlers, so why not a goat?" one resident said.

There were also some people who suggested that the goat must be slain. However, Rose Magubane, the goat's owner, disagreed with the belief that there was nothing wrong with the animal. "Yes, it's abnormal and it doesn't look like a goat, but that doesn't mean it has to be killed. It's God's creature," Magubane said.

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