One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Liam Payne Simulate Oral Sex During Stage Performance! [PHOTOS]

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Seems like the band members of the English boy band, One Direction, are too comfortable with each other; a new photo surfaced all over the internet showing the two members in contention-Liam Payne and Zayn Malik-in a pretty compromising situation.

In the picture, Liam Payne is seen down on his knees while Zayn Malik is busy belting out on the microphone. While it was just a (probably non-malicious) angle, the picture evokes a mental image of oral sex-at least from the angle from which the picture was taken.  Looks like Liam Payne was (unintentionally) singing to another mic-that of Zayn Malik's!

The scandalous pic was posted by a fan on Twitter, which later generated many comments about the alleged simulation of oral sex on stage by the two members of One Direction.

Countless rumors about the boy's real sexuality have been surfaced after several pictures were taken showing the members (unabashedly) groping each other. Of course, these type of antics might actually spring from the fact that the boys are really just huge jokesters.

It can be remembered that even during the annual BRIT Awards, the front man Harry Styles was late during the acceptance of the award but still managed to dash on stage to receive the trophy. Styles unashamedly declared the real reason to his tardiness to the public, saying that:

"I'm really sorr, I was having a wee," Styles said while panting for his breath. "The toilgest are ages away, Um, what did we win?" Styles further commented.  The boys won an award for Global Success, after having toured to many countries even shortly after their inception as a boy band.

Given the nature of the simulated oral sex pic of Liam Payne and Zayn Malik, fans doubt that the two involved members would get even mad.

Meanwhile, the members of One Direction have their own unique experiences individually. Even if most of the members are still at a young, the likes of Zayn Malik has already ventured into the more adult life that includes marriage. The hunky singer recently announced to the public his engagement with his current girlfriend.

See the compromising photo here.

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