One Direction's Zayn Mailk Sparks Secret Wedding Speculations with Ring Picture, Opens Instagram Account to Public

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One Direction fans are going crazy as their favorite Directioner Zayn Malik has made his Instagram page open to public. Zayn's Instagram account, which remained private for nearly two years, has more than 200 intimate pictures of him and they are all now open for his fans to see and comment upon. But the latest black and white picture posted by the hottie has sparked rumours about his marriage. The 21-year-old is seen wearing a ring, which looks like a wedding band, on his ring finger. Check out the picture here.

Malik is in a relationship with Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards and has been formally engaged to her since August 2013 but the wedding ring picture has gotten the fans to react differently on social media.

"Is this a f-cking wedding ring or am I goin nuts?? #THANKSZAYNFORMAKINGYOURIGPUBLIC #NIAZKILAM," writes stylesdimples1d on Twitter.

Various media outlets are suspecting that the One Direction hottie might have secretly married Perrie and hence he wore the wedding ring. "We know Malik has been engaged to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards since August 2013, so does this mean the pair had a secret ceremony?!" writes MTV News.

Marriage or no marriage, currently the fans are simply ecstatic that Zayn has opened the personal pictures to public eye. The hashtag "#THANKSZAYNFORMAKINGYOURIGPUBLIC" started trending on Twitter after Malik made his generous move. Malik enjoys huge fan following among girls and his Instagram account users too surged to more than 3 million after making this news.

Zayn's loyal fans could not have been happier after the news and have not stopped posting messages over the social media expressing the excitement. Some of the Directioners are happy that they wont have to see Harry Styles pictures anymore!

"OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED," writes @zaynthayes on Twitter.

"thank you zayn because i couldn't deal with harry's selfies anymore, god bless you," writes another Zayn fan named @i60h0ran.

The singer's private pictures comprise of him having a good time with his band mates on various tours. Other pictures show a little Zayn smiling with his dad while in yet another intimate shot Zayn is seen flaunting his pet cat named Tiger. 

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