One Direction's' Louis Tomlinson On 'Haylor' Duo: 'I'm happy for them'

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"Directioners" are known to be completely obsessed and overprotective of the One Direction boys consisting of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan. With the attention their getting now, it's not surprising that even the boys' love lives would be eyed on by their female fans.

The latest news over the boys of 1D is the newest "Haylor" sensation that is ripping apart fans but one member of the band has definitely something to say about Swift & Styles blooming relationship.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift might have been pretty quiet about the state of their relationship during the second half of the year. Now, however, before the year is about to come to an end, the "Haylor" couple has finally stepped out not to the delight of fans that is.

While some may go "ooh" and "aw" at the news of a cute couple in Hollywood, that wasn't the reaction of "Directioners" with the news of Taylor and Harry finally becoming official. Some had even suspected Taylor as simply using Harry for the sake of moving on from her failed relationship with Conor Kennedy.

However, with the obvious signs and photos of the couple clearly enjoying each other's company, "Haylor" does not have tragedy written all over it. If "Directioners" are against the couple, Harry Styles co-member is definitely with the couple. Louis Tomlinson has shared his opinion on the lovey-dovey couple.

"I'm happy they're good friends and she's a really lovely girl," said Tomlinson in an interview with US Magazine at the recent Jingle Ball.

"Good" friends doesn't even count because rumor has it, Harry is set serious with Swift. Web tabloids have spread rumors about having spotted the 18-year old singer looking for an engagement ring. If that would be the case, then "Directioners" better start bawling their eyes out because the most playful member of One Direction has clearly met his match in country crooner, Taylor Swift.

Even with the obvious hate Swift is getting, Styles is making sure his fans get the message that the relationship isn't going to end anytime soon.

"Harry is really protective of her. They're not trying to hide it," says a source to Ocean Up.

"Directioners" should start accepting the reality that is the "Haylor" duo.

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