'One Direction's' Louis Tomlinson Cusses at Fan on Twitter

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The boys of One Direction are a happy bunch of fove kids who truly get along with their fans. However, when it comes to cyber bullying and other issues completely related to them, like girlfriends and family, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik can turn pretty mad and ugly.

The same can be said to Louis Tomlinson who had bared his fangs at a fan on Twitter simply by something the fan tweeted - against Louis' girlfriend.

One Direction boys are so happy to "play" along with their fans by making fake twitter accounts just to get along with the "Directioners." However, being too attached to fans can lead to something wrong or mad in a sense. What is all this babble about? "Directioners" may already know the news of cyberbullying Louis' girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, had been subject to. Apparently, Louis had too much of it.

Of course, everything on the web may either start as a simple joke but that joke joined by "other" fans can develop into something worse. One of the One Direction boys had had enough and got into a "word fight" with his fans. The 20-year-old sensitive guy namely Louis Tomlinson from One Direction got affected when he was accused - by a 12-year-old girl, of having a gay relationship with his co-star One Direction Harry Styles and also trashing his girlfriend.

@KylieeAlex and some "Directioners" - which by the way the worse fans ever,  argued that Syles and Tomlinson are in a relationship and Eleanor Calder, girlfriend of Tomlinson are just a flop relationship, you know just to hide the "truth," tweeted the so-called fan.

Louis having been subject to the "Stylinson" drama since the beginning of One Direction's popularity could have simply let go of the issue. Instead, things got out of hand on Twitter and Louis had allegedly cussed at the fan.

All that Louis could do was say "F*ck You" to the long time male fan. Representatives of the One Direction member still have not spoken up on the issue. If Louis continues the wild streak, then he'd better deactivate his Twitter account or risk getting in on another "word" fight with alleged "Directioners."

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