One Direction's Harry Styles Wants to Date Selena Gomez? [PHOTOS]


 After dating country crooner, Taylor Swift, One Direction's Harry Styles has got his eye out for Swift's BFF, Selena Gomez. In a Twitter chat, Harry Styles expresses his interest in wanting to date Selena Gomez. Looks like Selena Gomez, the lovely brunette, is Harry's latest eye candy. Would Gomez concur to a date?

Harry Styles has quite the reputation in the British boy band group, One Direction. The curly-haired cutie is constantly spotted partying or flirting with an unknown female to a renowned celebrity. In fact, the boys have said that Styles might just be the most promiscuous member of the group.

Right after dating Kimberly Stewart, Harry Styles has once again got his eye out for a new female companion. Ironically, of all the beautiful women to choose from, Harry Styles had allegedly chose Selena Gomez. Rumour has it that during a Twitter chat with the boys when asked who they'd most likely date, Harry immediately answered Selena Gomez.

Given Harry's history with Selena's BFF, Taylor Swift, he might not have any luck with Gomez. Though this isn't the first time Harry has been rumoured to liking the Latina singer, Harry did tweet the song lyrics of Selena's latest single, "Come & Get It."

Putting aside Selena's friendship with Taylor Swift, could Gomez possibly date the One Direction singer? Since Selena is single, there should be no reason why "Selenators" would say no. Of course, "Directioners" may not be too keen on the idea of Selena dating Harry Styles.

Should they or should they not date? "Selenators" and "Directioners", speak up. Check out the slideshow to see more of Harry Styles & Selena Gomez.

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