'One Directions' Harry Styles Talks About Sex

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Harry Styles is known as the most provocative and sexually-active member of the British boy band, One Direction. Another identifying factor about the British singer is his affinity towards 40-year old women. However, before the addiction towards women twice his age, Harry had also pursued girls his age and had a little problem about pregnancy issues as well.

Things are getting a bit too personal when it comes to interviews involving the handsome, Harry Styles. Despite being a bit too closed off from the press during his earlier days, Harry is revealing a bit too much about his sexual life and activities recently.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, the 18-year old opens up on his awkward first time and worrying over pregnancy issues with his then-fling.

"The first time I had sex, I was scared I got the girl pregnant," confessed Styles, adding, "And that was despite the fact we were safe. Luckily, we were fine."

Learning from his first time, Harry Styles is not taking the same risk and has been making sure he has been bringing the lucky condom around.

"I would never risk not wearing a condom," said Styles. "It's too much of a risk... If you're not ready for a child, then don't risk it," added the One Direction "womanizer."

 Apart from opening up on his sexual life, Harry also explained his penchant over dating women twice his age. Styles had previously been linked with DJ Lucy Horobin and the TV British host, Caroline Flack. Both women were aged 32.

"I don't necessarily just look at women who are older," said Styles, adding, "I like girls my own age as well."

However, there would be no limit to Styles dating age. In fact, the singer admitted he'd most likely date a woman up to his mother's age.

"Anything up to my mum's age. She's 44," explained Styles.

This in itself proves that Styles is one girl-woman-crazy teenager. Yet, Styles says the stories put up on the web are sometimes a bit too exaggerated.

"I wouldn't say I'm girl crazy, because that makes me sound like a bit of a womanizer," explained Styles. "That isn't really me. But I am quite flirty. Maybe I'm too flirty," added Harry.

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