One Direction's Harry Styles to Stay Chaste Due to New Religion

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Harry Styles, the renowned womanizer of 1D according to the Daily Star, has allegedly given up on sex following the rules of his newfound religion. This new religion isn't entirely new given Kabbalah has long been followed by Hollywood stars Demi Moore, Mick Jagger and Madonna. So what's up with Harry Styles and his self-imposed sex-ban?

Last week, the curly-haired cutie was spotted wearing a red bracelet which was iconic of the religion, Kabbalah. According to Wikipedia, Kabbalah had originated from Judaism which is an esoteric method of teaching that explains relationships between the unchanging eternal and the finite creation by God. Yet, it isn't a religion as news claim it would be. According to the Mirror, it is simply a map for spiritual life.

The red bracelet was worn by Harry Style's during the One Direction UK tour. It has seven knots that wards off misfortune caused by the "evil eye" and is usually worn on the left wrist. The same red bracelet can be seen worn by Kabbalah followers such as Madonna, Mick Jagger and Demi Moore.

Well, for Harry the new found "life map" has allegedly pressured him to give up his womanizing ways. Recent reports claim that Swift's former beau is giving up sex for Kabbalah.

"Harry is really serious about this. He feels he doesn't want to be that guy who is known for bedding celebs any more. But in the past all his good intentions to quit sex have fallen by the wayside. He feels it's getting in the way of him having a proper, meaningful relationship and Kabbalah is giving him the discipline to finally quit sex for a sustained period," reports a source in a report by the Daily Star.

Harry's friends from LA are to "blame" for his obsession on Kabbalah.

"A couple of Harry's close friends in LA introduced him to the teachings and ways of the religion and he has been practising it for a month now. It's very disciplined and one of the big things he's being helped with is 'cleansing himself' by abstaining from sex. The idea is that after a few weeks of it you become far more in touch with your spiritual side and ultimately when you do return to sex it is more meaningful," continued the source.

This only means Harry is set to stay chaste thanks to Kabbalah and there won't be any reports of him sleeping around any longer.

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