One Direction's Harry Styles, The Official Songwriter for Celebrities: From Ryan Tedder to Ariana Grande

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Harry Styles of One Direction is officially becoming the songwriter to the celebrities. Aside from working in the studio with the famous John Legend, the curly-haired cutie has gone on to write songs for a few other "friends" in the biz. Read all about the celebs Harry Styles has penned songs for here.

There's a new connection between Harry Styles and Ariana Grande but it's nothing close to the romantic sort. The former has penned a song for the latter entitled "A Little Bit of My Heart." "Directioners" and "Arianators" refused to believe the reports when it first surfaced over the weekend.

Yet, according to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), the song has officially been listed in their list where Harry Styles is the co-author of the track and the performer is Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande isn't the only artist Harry has collaborated with. New reports claim he's working with Ryan Tedder of One Republic.

"Harry and Ryan have been working on new material together. They've met a number of times before with the band but have never worked together properly. There's a mutual appreciation there. If there's one person to get the best out of Harry, it's Ryan. The new relationship will come in handy if Harry does try his hand at going solo," says an insider to The Sun (via Metro UK).

This has once again prompted rumours of Harry Styles officially going solo and leaving the British boy band, One Direction. If Harry can swing it creating one song to the next for other singers, he certainly can write hit songs for himself.

In fact, Harry has written a number of songs listed on ASCAP with no performer attached to the creation yet. These songs are: "Kiss You in The Rain," "I Fell in Love with a Beautiful Girl," Love You Like You're Leaving," and "Might Not Want You."

"Directioners" simply have to wait and see what happens next to their beloved boy band. Will Harry Styles be leaving the band for good to pursue a solo career or does he simply enjoy being a songwriter to help out a few stars in the music industry?

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