One Direction's Harry Styles the Next Justin Timberlake: Five Indications Point to Yes

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Harry Styles is undoubtedly One Direction's hottest member to boot aside from all the controversies he's in. Such controversies include that of him leaving the British boy band to pursue a solo career. In fact, Harry plans to be the next Justin Timberlake. Well, here are five indications that he could just be the next J.T.

Given the amount of time he's been spending with his American friends than with that of the rest of the band, it's no surprise that Harry Styles has constantly been hounded by reports of him going solo. It also doesn't help that he recently purchased a four million dollar home in Los Angeles. Sources now claim this could be a solo move where he hopes to become the next Justin Timberlake.

"Harry prefers LA because he could be a real star over there. He wants a solo career like Justin Timberlake's," reports the Independent, adding, "He's already been writing for Kodaline and [The X Factor USA winners] Alex and Sierra, and recording solo demos. He wants to act, too, and he can't get the real gig if he stays in a boyband that 12 year olds like. He loves 1D, but he feels it could limit his longevity. He asked Kendall [Jenner]: 'How many boybands do you know that keep going for more than five years?'"

Well, putting aside reports and rumours, Harry could definitely pass off to be the next Justin Timberlake. Here are five reasons why:

1. He's a great singer. With or without the help of the four members in 1D, Styles can certainly pull off a solo career in the music industry. In fact, he's not only proving to be a great singer but a good song writer as well. John Legend was one of the singers who had praises for the British singer.

2. He's got style. No one can deny this fact. Aside from the curly mop of hair, Harry has got a sense of fashion and he continues to make hearts throb whenever he sits in the front row at fashion shows.

3. He's got the moves. While Harry has a long way to go before he can bust a move like the great J.T., he's getting there bit by bit.

4. He's a ladies' man. Like the great J.T., before being wed to Jessica Biel, Justin was linked to a number of women. Harry Styles also has the same reputation.

5. He's got a number of connections in the biz. If you're J.T., pulling a move such as a solo career requires a number of "friends" in the industry. Lucky for Harry, he's got a few numbers on his list.

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