One Direction's Harry Styles and ’KUTWK’s’ Kendall Jenner Kissing Photos Leaked Online? Fans Freak Out - Details

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One Direction singer Harry Styles and "KUTWK's" Kendall Jenner have become the centre of attention of fans and the media ever since the news about their romance emerged. Recently, fans of the two stars freaked after looking at kissing photos of what looked to be "Hendall" making out. Continue to read to find out the truth.

According to the recent reports about the alleged couple Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner, their shocking kissing photos emerged online. Photos that emerged through photo sharing Web site Instagram were widely circulated on the Internet through Tumblr and Twitter.

One photo shows Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner kissing passionately in a swimming pool in a hotel. The other photo shows couple kissing passionately on a ski lift. Click HERE and HERE to see the kissing photos rumored to be of the couple as posted online by an Instagram account alecholden.

It is said that the One Direction singer and his alleged girlfriend were recently spotted at a ski resort. Considering that, people believed that photos that were leaked online could be from their post New Years date at the ski resort in California.

But it may shock you when you read the truth behind these kissing photos. As soon as the photos started to swirl around it led to frenzied speculations. It was soon revealed that the two people in the kissing photos are "High School Musical" series' actress Vanessa Hudgens' sister Stella and her boyfriend Alex Holden.

Meanwhile, more updates about the alleged couple are that Kendall Jenner wants to throw a big surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Harry Styles. Reportedly, her birthday plans include a getaway to Big Sur in California.

According to the reports based on a source's revelation, Kendall's father owns a cliff-top holiday home in Big Sur, Calif where she wants to take Harry Styles for some alone time. It is also said that she is also helping Harry Styles' best friend Nick Grimshaw to organize a surprise birthday bash in London. The guest list of which will include all the other members of One Direction and his other close friends. According to the source, Kendall wants to ensure that his birthday is a night to remember.

One Direction's singer star Harry Styles will turn 20 on Feb.1 2014. 

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