One Direction's Harry Styles Crushing on Michelle Obama?

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It's no surprise that Harry Styles would date women older than him. However, the One Direction cutie definitely shocked a lot of fans in his recent interview. The British singer claims he wants none other than the first lady, Michelle Obama, right on top of him. Say what?

Before Harry Styles dated women his age namely Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne and Millie Brady, Styles had an eye out for older women. The One Direction singer had dated Caroline Flack for almost a year before dating another cougar, Kimberly Stewart.

Of course, "Directioners" know Harry has a penchant for older women but the latest woman on Harry's mind would shock quite a few. In a Twitter chat, Harry Styles responded to the question "who they would want to sleep on top of him" to which he replied with Michelle Obama.

"A fan asked if they were a mattress who would they want to sleep on them and Zayn said Perrie while Harry said Michelle Obama! (soundcheck)," reports Sugarscape.

How would Michelle Obama react to this let alone what would President Barrack Obama have to say? Hopefully, they take it as a hilarious joke given Harry didn't mean anything serious about it. The only thing Harry does take seriously is his fans and his hair which obviously takes a lot of time to groom.

Ironically, this isn't the case. Harry claimed that the member who does take a lot of time grooming is none other than Louis Tomlinson.

"Louis [is the most vain]," stated Harry, adding, "Before we go on stage, he looks into every reflective surface, fixing his hair. I have never seen anyone use so much hairspray."

Even with all the hairspray Louis uses, nothing beats Harry Styles' curly mop of hair.

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