'One Direction's' Harry Styles Caught Out & About with Taylor Swift

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"Directioners" get in on this: Harry Styles was said to be spotted with country crooner, Taylor Swift. It looks as if Taylor is getting another shot at love with the "lover boy" of One Direction. Rumor has it that Styles and Swift was very much the affectionate couple at their stint for "X-Factor."

News first broke out when Taylor Swift admitted to having "swiftly" dated the British member of One Direction, Harry Styles. It was obvious Swift had a crush for Styles when she was seen singing and dancing along to their performance at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards a few months passed.

Despite having a fall out due to Style's manly ways, it looks as if Taylor is giving Harry another shot at love. The two were allegedly chummy on their stint for "X-Factor." Eyewitnesses at Swift's rehearsal for "X-Factor" spotted Styles and Swift engaging in a pseudo-like relationship.

"Harry is there with her now. She is doing rehearsals this afternoon. And he is in her group. He watched her onstage going through her performance. He was sitting with her mom and the rest of her entourage," claimed the source.

"After she finished, he went up to the stage. They were joking and laughing. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and carried her off."

Representatives of both sides have not spoken up on the rumors which have got "Directioners" waging war over the heart-break queen, Swift. Swift had recently broken up with Conor Kennedy and had allegedly made a "Swift" move on another British boy, Ed Sheeran. If the rumors are indeed true about Swift "casually" dating Harry Styles, then a British brotherhood and friendship between Sheeran and Styles might be on the line.

While a few fans may think Styles dating Swift might look like a good idea, it certainly won't be much of a good thing if they do manage to split. Simply think of the outcome! Another album with a heart-broken song dedicated to the "lover boy", Harry Styles of which not all "Directioners" would be glad to listen to. Still, with matching necklaces and a "casual friendship", Taylor and Harry appear to be waist deep that fans can do nothing but watch from the sidelines.

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