One Direction's Harry Styles Becomes Victim of Phone Prank

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"Directioners" know that Harry Styles of One Direction is one of the most talkative and not to mention most amicable of the boys. So, it's no surprise if he becomes the butt of a joke when it comes to a television show. The curly-haired cutie was victim to a phone prank in Michael McIntyre's show all thanks to James Corden.

Harry Styles would probably be the best member of 1D to play a prank on all because he doesn't get too sensitive on social media sites unlike most of the boys. Well, James Corden knows this as well because he chose to play a prank on the British singer in Michael McIntyre's show.

On Monday, James played the "send-to-all" game on McIntyre's show just to see who would respond. One of the people in James' phonebook that replied to the hilarious text was Harry Styles. What exactly was the text message about?

"Me and you, lapdancing. Are you in or out? Come on, let's do this," stated James in the "send-to-all" text message game.

Styles was one among a few to reply where he said: "Great, but what is it with you and lapdancing? What happened the last time we did that wasn't pretty."

The British singer certainly rode on the joke that elicited laughter from the audience present at McIntyre's show. Of course, Harry probably knew about the show because he sent in another text message which mentioned James' three year old son and McIntyre's famous prank on the show.

"Maybe we shouldn't bring Max this time (are you playing send-to-all with Michael McIntyre?)" said Styles (via Daily Mail).

This isn't the first time Harry Styles has been victim to a phone prank. Harry was also victim to his best pal, Nick Grimshaw's, BBC Radio One breakfast show "Call or Delete" game. In the radio show, Matt Healy of The 1975 had rung up the singer to borrow £5,000 to which Harry surprisingly agreed to.

"sorry I've never rung you before now, I was just wondering, this is going to sound ridiculous, I need £5,000 and I'm in Chalk Farm, I know it sounds ridiculous but it is a serious situation, I'm in a phone booth and a bloke is pointing to a picture of Mark Owen, it's actually quite threatening," stated Matt to which Harry replied with, "OK, well we're in Bristol. But let me go and I'll get my assistant to call you and she'll sort it out."

Obviously, Harry Styles proves to be one heck of a good guy even if he's being pranked.

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