One Direction on the Verge of Breaking Up, Not True?

By @definemaych on

The British boy band, One Direction, has taken the world by storm and has a solid fan base but rumours of the five boys going their separate ways have followed the group. Most boy bands are doomed to disbandment as most of the band members try to find ways in thriving as a solo artist. However, this British boy band is still going strong with no plans of breaking up in the near future.

It was back in 2013 when the rumours started and several other stars were linked to the said news. Taylor Swift who was dating Harry Styles was even dubbed as the new Yoko Ono when rumours of Harry quitting the group surfaced, reported by Weekly World News. Simon Cowell, judge in the "X-Factor" also had the same sentiments when he shared his views on the group's inevitable end.

Niall Horan also shared in his Twitter account regarding the lack of time for the group to see each other, which makes fans worried of the group's current status. "First time we have all been together for a while now! Lookin forward t seeing the lads! #BRITs2014," was tweeted by Niall to his followers.

However, all these rumours were put to rest when Liam Payne shared that the group is writing for their next upcoming album. This may be a little contradicting with the statement he released during the Brit Awards last Wednesday, Feb. 19, when he shared that this was the first time in three months that the group has gotten together, according to the Metro.  

One Directioners may still see their favourite group together but this does not mean that they will be together forever. The life in show business is always temporary, more so with boy bands. "Midnight Memories" is the third album from the group that was released November of 2013 and they are now working hard on their next album.

Apparently, the contract for the group requires them to produce three more records before they call the curtains, according to TMZ. The boys are writing songs individually for the meantime but will huddle for the songs that will be included in their new album.

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