One Direction Teams Up for 'That Moment' Fragrance Shoot: Niall Horan Breaks Down in Tears

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One Direction may be the strongest boy band in the biz to date but the boys are facing quite a number of controversies. The latest includes that of reports of the boys disbanding. Well, Niall Horan breaking down to tears when the boys teamed up for "That Moment" fragrance shoot proves all is not well with the boys.

Countless reports of the British boy band, One Direction, disbanding has been rampant since late last year. The rumours were pushed to full force when sources claimed Harry Styles was soon to pursue a solo career. It didn't quite help when the curly-haired cutie was spotted constantly in the US away from his band mates. Harry also recently purchased a four million dollar home in Los Angeles which again prompted rumours that he would soon split from the band.

"Directioners" feared the worse for their beloved boy band. While the boys may be together once more for the fragrance shoot of "That Moment," things aren't at all smiles and laughs between the boys. Horan, the Irish member of the band, had broken down to tears during the shoot.

However, it is not because something bad went on between the five singers. Instead, the French photographer, Girolle was to blame for Niall's tears.

"The Midnight Memories singers were perplexed by French photographer Girolle's methods and it was all a bit much for Nialler, who crumbled at the final hurdle," reports

To top it all off, all is well with the boys. In other One Direction related news, reports of Niall Horan quitting One Direction for priesthood flooded the web early yesterday. The report was that of Irish Central which may be read here.

"So many girls, so much good times, I guess Niall felt guilty about it," said band member Harry Styles, adding, "He is thinking about being a monk, getting away from it all."

Of course, this was all an April's Fool joke that some "Directioners" didn't quite find funny. Fans of the boys need not to worry because the boys aren't planning to leave anytime soon. For one, One Direction is set to work on another album this year after working on the promotion and advertisement of their fragrance, "That Moment."

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