One Direction Promises to Record an Album Each Year, Starring in New Movie?

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One Direction has been plagued with rumours that the group is splitting but the five British pop stars have assured their fans by saying they will record a new album each year, as reported by Entertainmentwise. Speculations that the group is splitting will be put to rest with the possible movie that the director Ben Winston is filming while the group is on their South American leg of their "Where We Are" tour.

Apparently, Winston has been filming the group in Peru and also in Columbia. He even shared some photos of the "X Factor" stars during the tour. This put fans in a frenzy that a second One Direction movie is in the making. However, there is still no concrete news regarding the possible "Where We Are" movie.

On the other hand, "Directioners" will be in for a treat as the possible release of the fourth album of the group is going to be out this year, according to Sugarscape. This is why they are not sure why rumours about them going their separate ways are still pestering them.

The third album of the group was released only last November 2013 but fans are craving for more. "Midnight Memories" has done well and it is no surprise that a fourth album is in the wraps. Still, even as the group is doing well in the business, they are still facing disbandment rumours.

Even when the "Story of Us" singers received their award in the 2014 BRITs, they were also thought to have split when Niall Horan posted an update in his Twitter account that the band have not been there together for a long time before the BRITs.

The boys were spending quality time with other people in their lives after their last tour which has started the rumours that they are splitting up. Then again, they are now back together again and recording again, according to the Mirror.

The "Where We Are" tour is also their chance of bonding with each other. Liam Payne has even said in an interview "Coming back together is like the first day of school. We don't want to go into the lessons because the social is too much fun."

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