One Direction: Harry Styles Refuses to Appear on Kendall Jenner’s Show ‘KUWTK’; Niall Horan in Tiff with Harry Styles Over New Album

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One Direction the teen sensation, pop boy band has never been too away from the limelight. But this time, 1D's lead singer Harry Styles has decided to maintain a low profile especially when it comes to his love life with reality star Kendall Jenner. Disappointing lots of his fans, the singer star has decided to keep away from the reality show "KUTWK." And on the other hand he is at war, reportedly for the first time with the rest of the band members, due to the choices for their next album. Continue to read, to find out more about Harry Styles and One Direction.

One Direction's Harry Styles Bans "KUTWK" Camera Crew on Dates with Alleged Girlfriend Kendall Jenner  

One Direction singer Harry Styles' love for reality TV show star Kendall Jenner comes with conditions. The man has laid out his rules in relationship with "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star and has made it clear that he won't be appearing on her family's reality show.

Singer Harry Styles has been dating Kendall Jenner for quite some time now. They were first spotted together in Nov. 2013 and since then they have been seen together time and again, in New York and LA.

According to the latest reports, a source revealed that Harry Styles wants to keep his burgeoning love life under the covers and away from the limelight. He has reportedly banned the camera crew to film any of his dates with Kendall Jenner as she is constantly followed by it.

A source revealed that singer star wants to keep his romance "personal and not professional."

"Harry has told Kendall that he will not appear on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' under any circumstances. Harry does not want his love life played out across the world on TV," revealed a source to NY Daily News.

According to the latest reports, Kris Jenner who is the mother of Kendall Jenner and executive producer of the show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" seemed to have approved of their relationship. But it is being speculated that she may have some ulterior motive behind it.

"Kris has a double interest. Obviously she wants her daughter to have the best relationship with Harry but as the show's EP knows how much of a draw footage of the pair could be," revealed the source to NY Daily News.

Niall Horan Clash With Harry Styles For the Next One Direction Album

Niall Horan who is allegedly dating supermodel Barbara Palvin is said have had a clash with his band mate Harry Styles. Siding Niall Horan are the other One Direction band members.  

As per the reports by The Daily Star, Harry Styles wants to pursue rock style of music for his next album, while rest of the One Direction members want to remain rooted to their original pop style.

"Harry's dramatic plans are believed to have been hatched after hanging out with stars including The Rolling Stones, Elton John and Rod Stewart, who have urged him to take the next big step. Harry loves being in the band and respects and loves his band mates... But he's very ambitious and thinks they should be growing up more and becoming more credible," told the source to the newspaper The Daily Star.

The source also revealed that One Direction's Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson are reluctant to change their direction to rock and turn their backs to pop which has been their "winning formula" until now.

"The fear is that if Harry doesn't get his way he could end up walking out and going solo. He doesn't want to be five years down the line and still doing boyish pop tunes," explains the source to the newspaper. 

So what do you think of Harry Styles' decision regarding his dates with Kendall Jenner and her family show "KUWTK?" And as One Direction fans, what style of music would you prefer to listen to from them, the rockier style or their original pop style.

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