One Direction Fan Attacked With Bleach After Croke Park Concert

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One Direction has staged a successful concert at Dublin's Croke Park and apparently everything went well until reports of a fan who was attacked with bleach surfaced as he was leaving the concert.

The fan's mother, only known as Deirdre, explained in an interview with RTE's "Liveline" program that the bleach was thrown at them from above as she was leaving the venue with her overjoyed son.

"One Direction put on an excellent show. He had a great time, he was singing along to all the songs. Everything was great, right down to the security and the gardai. We came out and we were shown what way to go. We were heading back to Abbey Street to get the Luas. We were walking up the street and the rain was getting heavier. I said to my son to put on a raincoat but he wanted people to see the One Direction T-Shirt he bought at the concert. It was €25 of his own money and he wanted to spend it to get this shirt," she narrated.

"As we were walking we felt a lot of water fall on us. We thought it might have fallen from a tree but there were no trees around. I looked up and I saw one window open with no lights on. It was only when my son said to me 'Mum, that smells like the swimming pool' then I thought, 'Oh my God, they've just thrown bleach out the window at us'. His One Direction hat was the only thing that protected him. If he had of wiped his face, he could have ingested it and it would have been a totally different story. We could have been in hospital," Deirdre added.

Croke Park is a popular venue in the One Direction story. It was here, 4 years ago, when the then 16-year-old Niall Horan first auditioned for "The X Factor." After his appearance in the TV show, he was teamed up with four other teenagers to form the now phenomenal boy band.

The family traveled from Cork all the way to Dublin to watch the show. When the family reached a relative's house, they discovered that the boy's black t-shirt was damaged by the bleach.

"He had such a good night and everything had gone great. He got to see his heroes perform and for this to happen he couldn't fathom," Deirdre shared.

This was not the first time that violence and rowdy behavior has come to One Direction. Even the band itself has had to deal with rowdy fans as its entourage travels from city to city to perform shows. Numerous videos have come out posted by fans showing how the band's vehicles got attacked in various locations worldwide.

After being accused of calling the One Direction guys "ugly," Grammy winning singer Lorde was also attacked in social media late last year by loyal directioners who retaliated via racist comments about Lorde's boyfriend.

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