One Direction & 'Directioners' React to Taylor Swift's Grammy Diss [PHOTOS]


A lot of "Directioners" are reacting negatively at Taylor Swift's Grammy Awards performance. During Swift's song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", a lot of viewers noticed Swift imitating a British accent to the "I Still Love You" part of the performance. Of course, the boys of One Direction have something to say about it and so do "DIrectioners."

Fans are not at all pleased with Swift's big diss at Harry and with that hate a lot of internet memes have once again filled the web. As for the boys namely Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, they've been keeping Harry cooled down with the drama.

"The lads have told Harry to forget about retaliating, because it's just not worth it," says a source to Radar Online, adding, "They've all advised him to be the bigger person and not to wash his dirty laundry in public - it's just tacky and embarrassing.

Unlike Swift who has been taking the break-up publicly and personally, Harry and his mates are keeping all mum about it and focusing on the music and their fans instead.

"With the media circus that surrounded Harry and Taylor when they were together, the boys were a little miffed that it distracted fans from the band and what they were all about," explained the source, adding, "Of course, when it didn't work out, there was a sense of relief because they knew that, along with Harry, they could all move on."

"It's only Taylor now that seems to clinging on to their failed relationship, and Harry has been told to keep his thoughts private," continued the source.

As for Swift, the country crooner has been subject to a lot of internet bashing and it continues. Apparently, Swift's Grammy diss wasn't the only thing aimed against Harry. Sources claim that Swift's outfit for her music video "22" is directly slamming Harry Styles' fashion style.

Given Swift is known for bashing her famous ex-boyfriends, such news aren't really "new." All fans of the boys could hope for next is that the Harry Styles-hating cools over and ends.

Check out the slideshow and see the funniest internet memes against Swift's Grammy Awards performance.

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