One Direction Breaking Up After Rumors of a Conflict Between Harry Styles and Niall Horan—PHOTOS

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There have been many stories circulating the web that the British boyband, One Direction is going their separate ways after a conflict among the singers in the group.

According to recent reports, the boy band has been having problems with particularly one of their singers, Harry Styles. According to reports, Styles has wanted to change the "music" of the band which led to a conflict between him and the other boys of the band.

The Daily Star had reported that

"The pop hunk is clashing with other group members because he wants to transform their sound after the summer sell-out tour to make them "cooler," "wants the group to write more of their own songs and ditch their high profile songwriting team,"

According to the Daily Star this is the cause for the rift between the boys especially between Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan.

"Harry loves being in the band and respects and loves his bandmates. But he's very ambitious and thinks they should be growing up more and becoming more credible, He thinks their next album is the perfect time to create a much edgier and more rock 'n' roll image and he's already writing songs that he wants them to include on the record."

If this is the case then will this be another band that would decide to split because of differences?

One Direction fans would certainly not be happy about this, but we shall have to wait for their reps to confirm whether any of these stories are true or are simply fabricated stories.

You can read the full story here: Harry Styles' One Direction Feud Claims Denied Despite Alleged 'Fight Over Music'

Maybe Styles wants to go solo, he is after all doing pretty well getting headlines of his own by simply dating Kendall Jenner.

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