One Confirmed Nexus 6 Feature on Release Date – Integrated Chrome OS & Android Functions as Hinted by Google Project Hera

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A major Nexus 6 feature is somehow revealed ahead of its rumoured release date in the second half of 2014 thanks to an upcoming Android upgrade dubbed as Google Project Hera.

Described by Android Police as the bridge that will connect Chrome OS, Android and Google's powerful search engine, Hera will permit users to smoothly perform tasks across the mobile and conventional computing platforms.

With Hera fully implemented, "your device will be able to execute tasks that would normally belong to an app without actually opening that app ... Apps with functionality carried out over the web could plug into Hera for easier, more ephemeral experiences on Android," said Android Police on its report.

The most likely render of Hera is via the Google Now app, in which cards will be spontaneously generated based on the pattern of device usage detected and interpreted by the application.

Project Hera is seen to fully support multitasking with the seamless integration between a mobile device and a Chromebook that run on Android and Chrome OS respectively. The main object of the planned upgrade is for Google to provide "cohesive (computing) experiences across all screens."

The function is quite similar to the forthcoming updates that are allegedly in the pipeline for Microsoft's Windows 9 and Apple's iOS 8/OS X, BGR said.

It appears too that Project Hera is for real as a separate BGR report cited a Reddit screenshot that claims to be the Hera rendition in Gmail interface for a mobile device, which purportedly is the Nexus 6.

It is unclear for now if Hera will be delivered with the next Android update, said to be KitKat 4.4.3, or it will be provided with an entirely fresh Android version that according to experts is either build 4.5 or 5.0.

The same software is earlier predicted to be introduced via the Nexus 8 that likely is set for unboxing in July 2014 or the Nexus 6 that according to Google Android chief Sundar Pichai will get unveiled later in the year.

Prior to that, Google needs to determine first which device builder will be responsible for its Nexus 5 successor and to date, three major brands are vying for the honour namely LG, Motorola and HTC.

Regardless of the build it carries, the Nexus 6 on release date is expected to show off upgraded specs and features from the Nexus 5, likely headlined by a phablet-size display panel, a 64-bit processor and 2GB of RAM provision.

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