Once Upon a Time's Mulan is Bisexual? Questions about Her Sexuality Arise on the Season 3, Episode 3 ‘Quite a Common Fairy’ [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

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A shocker for fans of Once Upon a Time! Mulan, Disney's famous warrior princess could possibly be bisexual. She seems to have the hots not only for Prince Phillip, but also for Princess Aurora.

In Once Upon a Time (OUAT) Season 3, Episode 3 "Quite a Common Fairy," which aired on Oct. 14, 2013 on the ABC channel, Tinkerbell was supposed to be the main star. But, looks like Mulan just went ahead and stole her thunder when it was shown that she almost confessed her love for Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora!

After getting an offer from Robin Hood to join him and his merry band, Mulan tried to tell Aurora of her feelings. But, Aurora went ahead and told Mulan her big news first - that she's pregnant with Phillip's child! Double ouch for her since she seems to have feelings for Aurora now and she appeared to have feelings for Phillip back then!

So, Mulan did what she thought was best and kept her mouth shut even if she is heartbroken about the news. Instead, she tells Aurora that she's leaving to join Robin Hood and company.

Jamie Chung who portrays Mulan and Sarah Bolger who plays Princess Aurora posted tweets about the episode:

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Costar Ginnifer Goodwin also tweeted about the episode, praising Chung and Bolger's heartfelt performance:

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During a Once Upon a Time panel attended by OUAT series co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis at the 2013 ATX Festival in Austin, Texas, they were asked on whether an LGBT character will be featured on the show. Horowitz and Kitsis said that they are open to that idea.

"We are absolutely open to that, and for us, it's a matter of the right time and the right story. It's something we discuss and we're open to, it's just not something we've done yet," said Kitsis.

"And it's the same as with any love story -- we'd have to do it right and give it its due," said Horowitz.

This could be the right time and story that Kitsis and Horowitz are talking about.

Mulan is usually portrayed differently compared to other Disney princesses. While the other princesses are girly and love to wear those beautiful gowns, Mulan often wears a man's attire, fights in wars and even pretends to be a man in her back story from Disney.

But the way Once Upon a Time has portrayed Mulan is a bold, unexpected and controversial move. It certainly came as a surprise and got a lot of tongues wagging, especially in the Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender (LGBT) community.

However, Mulan's implied sexual orientation is unclear. Viewers are confused if she is bisexual or a lesbian. Some people think that she's bisexual because before, she seems to have feelings for Phillip and now, it looks like she's in love with Aurora.

Others think that she's a lesbian who actually loves Aurora instead of Phillip. They argue that her closeness to Phillip is not really romantic love, but more of a platonic nature.

While traditional fans still want to believe that Mulan is actually straight and is merely suffering from unrequited love on Phillip's part.

Whatever the case, it would be interesting if the OUAT writers decided to make Mulan's character bisexual instead of merely going the traditional or lesbian route. It adds another layer of intrigue to the whole story.

This will also mark a huge milestone in the LGBT community. While it is common to see a gay or even a lesbian character on TV nowadays, bisexual characters are still new and it's great if they will be represented as well.

Guess the lyrics of the song "Reflection," by Christina Aguilera which is famously associated with Disney's Mulan rings true.

"Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? When will my reflection show who I am inside?" goes a line from the song.

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