‘Once Upon A Time’s’ Ginnifer Goodwin and Prince Charming, Josh Dallas Wed in Real Life!

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ABC's series, "Once Upon a Time," gives everyone a more detailed, "happily ever after," on most of the storybook characters, but what fans do not know is that "Snow White" and "Prince Charming," have actually wedded in real life. We're not talking about the characters but actors, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, both who play the roles of "Snow White" and "Prince Charming," on ABC's "Once Upon a Time."

The two met on the set of the series in 2012 and according to them it was an instant attraction. As revealed by a source to E! News, the two stars were immediately attracted to each other. The wedding took place in an "intimate ceremony in California," just this April 12, where family and friends of the couple attended. Guests were serenaded by a Spanish Guitar player as they entered a courtyard walking over a stone pathway. Seems like the two wanted to give their guests the storybook feel and they surely did.

The couple are expecting their first child and are major characters in ABC's "Once Upon a Time."

Read the full story here at the Huffington post: Ginnifer Goodwin Marries Josh Dallas, Literally Proves There Is A Happily-Ever-After For Snow White

Who would have thought that they two would find their own fairytale on television in a series of fairytales? Fans all hope that they do live their "happily ever after," and that they continue to be one of the best fairytale couples on television and in real life, who would have thought?

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