Once Upon A Time Season 4: Prince Hans and Pabbie Introduced While Evil Continues To Lurk

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Tyler Jason Moore and John Rhys-Davies will be playing the role of Prince Hans and Pabbie in the fourth season of Once Upon A Time.

CP Entertainment said that Tyler Jason Moore will be playing the role of Anna's ex fiancé, Prince Hans.

Meanwhile Pabbie, the troll leader, will be voiced by John Rhys-Davies hinting a lot of CGI animation this upcoming season.

Taylor Jason Moore is known for his roles as Tony Markovich in Shameless and Pastor John Tudor in Good Christian Belles.

John Rhys-Davies is known for his role as Gimli in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Sallah in the Indiana Jones Films.

Darkness continues to loom in Storybrooke as its greatest villains return to the dark side.

Robert Carlyle hinted at Comic-con that the dark one might return to darkness once again, he said that Rumple is a complex character and he is very much addicted to power and magic.

Emilie De Ravin, who plays the newly married Belle, believes that she will turn up devastated with Rumple's actions in the end.

After Emma accidentally reunited Robin Hood with his wife Maid Marion, Regina will be left devastated pushing her to go back to the dark side.

Jennifer Morrison said that Emma can't apologize for saving the life of Maid Marion and getting in the way of Regina's happiness.

Emma will make sure that this event will not make Regina return to her dark past and keep something positive between them.

Fans can just hope that Emma succeeds in this endeavor, because in an exclusive clip that was showed at Comic-Con, Regina seemed to be asking a favor to her magic mirror once again.

"There's someone standing in the way of my happiness. I need your help getting rid of them," Regina said in the clip.

Sidney Glass, played by Giancarlo Esposito, the counterpart of the Magic Mirror at Storybrooke will be returning this upcoming season.

Well, viewers can be pretty sure that evil really won over the wicked this time, even though, they probably might have enjoyed seeing the evil queen's not-so-villanous side.

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