Once Upon A Time Season 4 Casting Update on Elsa and Anna, Jennifer Morrison Dishes Thoughts on Emma Swan and Neal (aka Baelfire)

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The "Once Upon A Time" Season 4 air date on ABC is about three months away. Filming has yet to begun. Series co-creator Adam Horowitz updates fans on Twitter regarding casting for "Frozen's" Elsa and Anna. Meanwhile, Jennifer Morrison on Facebook shares with fans her thoughts about Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy aka Baelfire.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on Once Upon A Time Season 3. If you have not watched the entire OUAT third season, read at your own risk.

"The search continues," tweets OUAT showrunner Adam Horowitz. He includes a photo in his tweet, hinting auditions are underway for the two new roles in the ABC fantasy drama's fourth year.

One of the popular speculations on Once Upon A Time Season 4 is that Elsa is the new big villain on the series, as Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) and Zelena the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) were in OUAT 3.

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As the search for Elsa and Anna continues, Frozen fans are hoping the television series will not ruin their movie experience, or the memories thereof. Even as the Once Upon A Time Season 4 casting and story arcs pose a difficult challenge, Oncers are confident that Horowitz and co-creator Edward Kitsis would be vindicated in bringing the Snow Queen too soon after Frozen made it to cinemas.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Morrison has something to say about Neal Cassidy aka Baelfire, and the actor who played the role, Micheal Raymond-James. Bae dies in Once Upon A Time, Season 3, shocking Emma Swan and Neal shippers.

"All I said was that [it] would have been hard for [Emma Swan] to find a happy ending with Neal [or Baelfire]," says Morrison on Facebook. Apparently, she is reacting to some criticisms she has recently drawn after airing her views on Once Upon A Time Season 3.

"All that being said, I wish Neal was still alive. I love working with [Michael Raymond-James], and I believe that he is such a special part of ONCE UPON A TIME. It was a huge loss for me personally and for Emma when his character died," Morrison ends the post, which received nearly four thousand "likes."

It is believed that Emma Swan fights the Evil Queen Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) again in Once Upon A Time Season 4. While Emma and Regina have become friends, recent developments in Emma's time travel revived some old nasty wounds.

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