Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Rumple to Kill His Grandson Henry? Is Emma Swan More Powerful than the Evil Queen? [PHOTOS]


Once Upon a Time Season 3 spoilers are promising another eventful season when the Enchanted Forest characters return later this year. Rumplestiltskin believes he has lost his son Baelfire, and his grandson Henry has been kidnapped. Will the Dark One kill his "undoing," believing it is the way to hold on to his power amid the chaos?

In a SpoilerTV report, Once Upon a Time Season 3 will be revealed in two 11-episode parts. After the supposedly uninterrupted first 11 episodes, OUAT will take a long break. Then it comes back in the spring for the last 11 episodes.

Once Upon a Time Season 3: Rumplestiltskin to Kill Henry?

Once Upon a Time co-creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz also told Wetpaint Season 3 will pick up where Season 2 finale left off. It means we'll see Prince Charming's family on board Captain Hook's Jolly Roger, Neverland-bound.

In the midst of grief over his son's reported demise, Rumplestiltskin has "a very focused attitude of saving Henry," reveals the OUAT showrunners. That's a relief for viewers who don't want to see Rumple on a mission to kill Henry.

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Mixed Spoilers: Lancelot or No Lancelot?

Meanwhile, in a confusing spoiler, HollywoodLife.com reported Teen Wolf star Sinqua Walls will reprise his role as Lancelot in Once Upon a Time Season 3.

"I'm going back to Once Upon A Time in the summertime to do more with Lancelot, so that should be really fun," Sinqua said, adding, "I really love that character."

But the site later updated its report, saying a rep from OUAT commented there was no plan to bring back Lancelot in the immediate future. So does that mean a Season 3, second part appearance?

Emma Swan vs Regina Miller: Who's Got More Magic and Power?

Regina Miller could not have saved Storybrooke alone. She would have died had Emma Swan not helped her destroy the ticking "bomb" that she herself created. Does this mean Emma is more powerful than Regina? Kitsis teases the fans:

"In (Once Upon a Time Season 3), you're going to see Emma questioning why she has magic, what does it mean to be the savior and what about her happy ending? Or is her job just to make sure everyone else has one?" Kitsis says in a TV Guide report.

Check out the accompanying slideshow to see OUAT posts of the series' fans on Tumblr.

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