Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Emma Swan and Hook Moving On? Peter Pan Scores, Rumple Loses [VIDEO]

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"Once Upon a Time" Season 3, Episode 4 ("Nasty Habits") centres on Rumplestiltskin's struggle against the fate laid before him by the Seer. The prophecy says Henry is going to be his undoing. He's not sure he'd be willing to die saving Henry, upon realising his son Baelfire is alive. Knowing he's got someone to live for, Rumple's chance against Peter Pan drops back to zero.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers for those who have not seen "Once Upon a Time" Season 3, Episode 4 ("Nasty Habits"). Read at your own risk.

This collage of 'Once Upon a Time' characters was shared by a fan of OUAT on Tumblr.com. [Credit: ABC, Once Upon a Time/Tumblr]

Self-preservation, especially when it's for Baelfire, is part of Rumplestiltskin's nasty habits. It's the reason why he got into magic and became The Dark One. There was a brief father-son truce in OUAT 3 Episode 4, but fans knew it was not going to last. Robbie Kay's Peter Pan is winning against Robert Carlyle's Rumple.

Peter Pan breaks the news to Neal: His father had murderous plans against his child. Sure, Rumple had a change of heart. But Neal asks him, what about the next day?

In OUAT 3 Episode 4, Rumple learns his son is alive, but Neal asks him to stay away. Neal saves his son Henry for a moment, but the Lost Boys and Peter Pan recover their captive. Neal/Baelfire, Emma, Rumple and the rest of the core characters are all in Neverland. Yet no one's done much to save Henry, so far. Neal does deserve some credit, though, for surviving a gunshot wound, convincing Robin Hood to help him, and at least being able to touch Henry in Neverland.

Once Upon a Time Season 3: Captain Hook and Emma Swan Moving On?

Captain Hook makes a remark about Milah, saying Baelfire took after her mother's interest in drawings. Emma Swan attributes a lesson to Neal: "You never break in somewhere unless you've got a way out." These little things hint to viewers that Hook and Emma are right in the beginning of a love story. But Emma doesn't know Neal aka Baelfire is still alive.

Emma Swan and Captain Hook will share a kiss in Once Upon a Time Season 3. (Scroll down to play the OUAT promo video.) Fans are speculating it is not likely to be some true love's kiss that could get them out of Neverland. But it is expected to expand the gap between Emma and Neal.

Toward the end of "Once Upon a Time" Season 3, Episode 4, Henry might have found the right way to ride Peter Pan's game. Some fans agree that Henry is still unable to hear Pan's piper music toward the end of the episode. This is the adoptive son of the Evil Queen and the biological grandson of The Dark One, Prince Charming and Snow White. Has Peter Pan met his match?

Next episode might not be for Regina Miller's soulmate story. Many fans are convinced The Man with the Lion Tattoo is Robin Hood. But that story will unfold in another episode. Emma Swan and Hook first.

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