Once Upon a Time Season 3 Premiere: 'Heart of the Truest Believer' (Of Magic); Why Does Peter Pan Want Henry? [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

OUAT 3: 'Bad' Mermaids, Emma Swan Troubles, and Tinker Bell's Surprise Connection
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A Once Upon a Time Season 3 sneak peek was released to the fans during Comic-Con 2013. It shows Ariel, Disney's beloved (little) mermaid, and Grumpy (Lee Arenberg) of Snow White's "seven dwarves." Spoilers say Princess Ariel is not the only mermaid OUAT viewers will see next season. The big question in the Season 2 finale, however, is this: Why does Peter Pan want Henry in Neverland?

'Heart of the Truest Believer' is the title of the Once Upon a Time Season 3 premiere. This episode is expected to tell the back story of Peter Pan's desire to see Henry -- long before he was born. A past episode shows the Lost Boys snatching Neal/Baelfire and taking him to Neverland -- mistaking him for Henry. It is easy to link Emma Swan's son and his strong faith in magic to the title. After all, he's the one who brought the Saviour to Storybrooke. But what does Pan want from him, exactly?

But there's more to OUAT 3 than Henry and Peter. In a Once Upon A Time Season 3 'Ariel' sneak peek, viewers see the playful mermaid in action. She steals Grumpy's fork for her famous collection! Spoilers say Grumpy's encounter does not happen in Storybrooke. (Ha! How many realms next season?)

Rose McIver, who stars with Saoirse Ronan in the "Lovely Bones," joins the Once Upon A Time Season 3 cast as Tinker Bell. Trust her big, round, vibrant eyes to give life to Peter Pan's loyal ally. Spoilers say she has a "surprise connection" to one of the Enchanted Forest characters. Rumplestiltskin (again)?

JoAnna Garcia plays the redhead, not-so-little mermaid Ariel in Once Upon A Time Season 3. It seems Ariel means no harm to Grumpy, but other mermaids are not as peaceful. The other mermaids attack Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and company at the Jolly Roger. (Check out the slideshow to see who are on board the Jolly Roger en route to Neverland to save Henry.)

In a separate interview, the brilliant evil queen actress Lana Parilla teased the OUAT fans by saying their Jolly Roger group will encounter some mean mermaids on their way to Neverland. As a bonus scoop, Regina Miller gets a new love interest next season!

Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) and Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) are on a truce for the sake of the big picture. Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Greg Mendel aka Owen (Ethan Embry) are unwittingly working for Peter Pan. How did Henry "change everything?" (Watch the OUAT teaser clip below.)

Follow this link to read an elaborate Pan spoiler and watch Robert Carlyle in an exciting preview. Watch Rumple in Neverland in the sneak peek. The Dark One cries after speaking to one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys.

Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) is once again instrumental to Emma Swan's new realm exploration. It does seem that the Evil Queen and Rumple have had their own encounters in the past. That's another reason to look forward to Once Upon A Time Season 3.

OUAT 3 will deliver some "room for new alliances that we don't expect and also new conflicts," says Jennifer Morrison.

Once Upon a Time Season 3 premieres Sept. 29 on ABC. The season premiere called "Heart of the Truest Believer" suggests Henry may have the heart that Peter Pan has been searching for in a long time. Does this relate to the Dark One's "undoing?" Watch the official ABC teaser in the video below.

VIDEO: Once Upon a Time Season 3 Teaser

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