'Once Upon a Time' Season 3, Episode 8, 'Think Lovely Thoughts' Recap: Peter Pan vs Rumple, Shocking History; One of Best OUAT Episodes? [VIDEO]

TV Review: 'Think Lovely Thoughts' Reveals Peter Pan's Origins and His Rumple-Baelfire-Henry Connection
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"Once Upon a Time" Season 3, Episode 8, 'Think Lovely Thoughts' is one of the best OUAT episodes in its two and a half seasons. No space fillers, no insignificant stories, pure family magic. The Dark One has valid reasons to fear for his life before Peter Pan -- even if the latter's name is inspired by a rag doll!

Spoiler alert: This review recaps the highlights of "Once Upon a Time" Season 3, Episode 8, 'Think Lovely Thoughts.' Major spoilers included. Read at your own risk.

Peter Pan vs Rumplestiltskin: The Enchanted Forest and 'The Sins of the Fathers'

When Rumple's a young boy, people told him he'd be better off without his father. He didn't believe them. With a magic bean, he and his father got to Neverland - a place all too familiar to Rumple's dad. "Think lovely thoughts," Rumple's father said. But the lovely thoughts weren't enough for Rumple's dad to fly. Rumple's dad let him go because "a child can't have a child." (Did your mind make a fast rewind to Baelfire going through the portal alone because The Dark One let go of him?)

Once the Neverland's Shadow has young Rumple, his dad got cloaked by the island's magic. That's how things begun for the new magical life of Rumplestiltskin's father -- Peter Pan! OUAT 3x08, "Think Lovely Thoughts" reveal just how deeply dysfunctional Henry's family is (has always been)!

RECAP: 'Once Upon a Time' Season 3, Episode 8, 'Think Lovely Thoughts'

Here is a quick recap of highlights of the OUAT 3x08, "Think Lovely Thoughts," Nov. 17 episode:

Rumple could save Prince Charming. Everyone in the Gold-Mills-Swan-Charming family -- plus Tinker Bell, Captain Hook and Wendy Darling -- should be able to leave Neverland and go home to Storybrooke alive. Only problem in, Mr Gold is now trapped inside the Pandora's Box that Ariel took from his shop!

Baelfire is starting to believe his father is not going to kill Henry. His old man ripped off his shadow to defeat Peter Pan and save Henry, Baelfire is touched. But he doesn't know that Henry's gramps is now in a box.

The Evil Queen has taught The Saviour well! The Evil Queen, a mentor of magic? Yes, to Snow White's daughter! Regina Mills asks Emma Swan to help in "hiding" the moon so they could hide their shadow, too. The adoptive mom and the biological mom combine their magical wave to save their son Henry. In the end, however, Henry decided to offer his heart to Peter Pan. He doesn't even know Pan is actually his great grandfather. (Baelfire is just as unaware as Henry about their roots.)

Next Episode Preview: 'Once Upon a Time' Season 3, Episode 9: 'Save Henry' Sneak Peek Video

"Two weeks from tonight" (Nov. 17), says the ABC promo, Peter Pan will face off with The Saviour and The Evil Queen. Of course Snow White, Captain Hook and Prince Charming are on the Mills-Swan side, but this is the two women's fight for their son. It is truly exciting for many Oncers! Check out the 'Save Henry' sneak peek video below.

'Once Upon a Time' Season 3, Episode 9, 'Save Henry,' airs Dec. 1 on ABC. At the end of 'Think Lovely Thoughts,' Henry was seen lying unconscious before Peter Pan's giant hourglass. Rumple is in Pandora's box. But Regina and Emma have just hid the moon! (That's a lot of magic.)

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