Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 3 Recap, Spoilers; Top 5 Questions, Who is the Man with the Lion Tattoo? [PHOTOS]

Tinker Bell Wants the Evil Queen to Meet Her Soulmate


Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 3 "Quite a Common Fairy" aired Sunday (Oct. 14) via ABC. In this episode, OUAT fans learn about Regina's failed love story with "the man with the lion tattoo." If Henry will be the Dark One's undoing, Tinker Bell might be Regina's. Here are five questions among the viewers after watching the episode.

Spoiler Alert: This recap serves spoilers from Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 3, "Quite a Common Fairy." The episode sparked at least 5 top questions among the OUAT fans.

1. What does Peter Pan really want from Henry? He probably needs the "heart of the truest believer" to start a ripple effect of "undoings."

"I don't like apples... it's a family thing," says Snow White's grandson Henry.

Cue flashback: Young Regina under Rumplestiltskin's wing meets Tinker Bell after an accident. If something must be said here, OUAT fans notice how Regina looks lovely sans elaborate makeup and intricate dark costume.

2. Does Captain Hook have a dragon tattoo?

Regina calls Hook Emma Swan's boyfriend. (Jealous?) Snow White reminds her, "She's just lost Neal."

Hook tells Prince Charming his wound might kill him in days. Or weeks. Henry's gramps says there's hope in Tinker Bell's pixie dust.

Back to pre-curse era in the Enchanted Forest, Tinker Bell aka Green wants to "save" the Evil Queen. The Blue Fairy (Storybrooke's Mother Superior) wants her to fly away from the Dark One's prodigy.

Baelfire asks Robin Hood for help. But it would risk the Hood's son's life.

3. If the Evil Queen becomes good again, does it mean Once Upon a Time Season 3 is the last chapter on ABC? (The question comes from the existence of 'Wonderland' spin-off.)

Regina leaves the team for "Operation Henry." If Tinker Bell is the way to save Henry, she thinks it is best for the team to keep her out.

In the past, Tinker Bell leads Regina to her "happy ending" love story. But she chickens out.

Tinker Bell emerges from the darkness to confront Regina alone.

"Pick hope over anger," Regina tells Tinker Bell. Apparently, Regina refusing to meet her soulmate cost Bell her wings. She's now a fallen, common fairy -- without pixie dust to save Prince Charming's life. (No one but Hook knows Charming's life is in grave danger.)

4. Will Baelfire meet Rumple on the island soon enough? Once Upon a Time Season 2 has dragged on before a family reunion finally happened. OUAT fans hope there will be more action, less waiting on Peter Pan's island.

Baelfire's plan to catch the Dark Shadow works! Robin Hood's son is safe. Side question: Do Wendy Darling and Neal Cassidy get a chance to see each other again?

Mulan is about to tell Princess Aurora something very special, but she's pre-empted by a big announcement: Sleeping Beauty is pregnant. Mulan is visibly devastated. She tells Aurora she's joining Robin Hood's crew. (Poor Mulan, she doesn't get to tell Aurora how she feels!)

5. Will Tinker Bell get her wings and magic back? Very likely, in this series of "undoings."

Snow White figures Tinker Bell longs for home. That's how the fallen fairy got convinced she should help "Operation Henry."

"Welcome home, Baelfire," one of the Lost Boys greets Rumple's son in Neverland.

Tinker Bell tells Regina she ruined her soulmate's life when she refused to even meet him. Obviously, the Evil Queen had not considered that until then. Side question: Will the Blue Fairy see hope in Regina?

In Australia, Once Upon a Time Season 3 airs fast track episodes on 7TWO. The series airs Friday nights - only a few days behind the U.S. schedule. Check out the slideshow for some OUAT fandom posts on Tumblr.

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