Once Upon a Time Season 2: Top 5 Questions and Speculations [PHOTOS]


Once Upon a Time Season 2 will return with a fresh episode next Sunday, March 3. The post-Manhattan offering is called, "The Queen is Dead." Which queen would it be - the Queen of Hearts, the Evil Queen, or someone viewers haven't seen before?

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for those who have not seen the latest Once Upon a Time Season 2 episodes. Read at your own risk.

OUAT "Manhattan" answered as many questions as it left hanging by the last second of the episode. Below are five of the top burning questions in OUAT viewers mind right now.

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Is Regina really going to help her mother Cora kill Snow White, Emma, and Prince Charming? Regina almost helped Rumple kill Snow White and Emma when the two were coming back from Fairy Tale Land to Storybrooke. It will not be surprising if she went along with Cora's plans to murder her son's biological family. The scheme involves framing Rumple for the crime, so she'd probably be able to keep Henry. (Perhaps she'd think that way.) But she might also remember that she doesn't want to be her mother. She could switch teams in an exciting pivotal moment later in the season.

Will Rumple kill Henry so the seer's prophecy won't come to pass? A blind seer told Rumple in the past that a young boy would be his "undoing" after he leads him to his son. It turns out the boy is Baelfire's son, his grandson Henry. But Rumple is not likely to hurt his own grandchild. This man's all about family.

When will Belle/Beauty get out of the hospital? She does not seem to be in any medical condition to stay longer. She'd probably be released soon.

What is Greg Mendell up to, and who is "Her?" Greg Mendell is probably going to explore the Storybrooke people in a way that Gregor Mendel in real life studied genetics. Through his science (Mendelian inheritance as it is called today), he might even be able to explore the kind of magic that Emma Swan can do. But who could be the mysterious "her" that he keeps communicating with over the phone -- wife, research partner, or another classic fairy tale character?

Will Baelfire and Emma reunite to continue their romance? There is a spoiler behind all possible speculations here. (Read: Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoilers, Speculations: Who's Engaged in Manhattan? Will Rumple Kill Henry?) But in the end, Henry's mom and dad are probably "meant to be together."

'Start' the slideshow to see some of the still photos from next week's OUAT installment (Season 2, Episode 15: "The Queen is Dead").


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