Once Upon a Time Season 2: Top 10 Questions & Some Answers, Spoilers, Finale Teasers

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"Once Upon a Time" Season 2 returns Apr. 21 after about a month of hiatus. That is a long wait for OUAT fans left hanging with several burning questions related to the last episode alone. Earlier episodes sparked even more questions. Listed here are 10 of the top questions (and speculations) among fans of the hit fantasy series. Perhaps these scoop pieces could tide you over until the next episode.

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Kidnapping on the horizon?

From the OUAT spoilers we've read, it seems there will be a major kidnapping leading to the Season 2 finale. Hint: two shady characters are involved. More on that later. For now, here are 10+ of the questions we'd like to answer this season:

1. Does Tamara have a bigger role than being Greg's partner in crime?

2. Where did the healing dragon come from, and will we see it/him again?

3. Is Baelfire/Neal also Neverland's Peter Pan? "The dots [between Baelfire/Neal and Hook] will be connected in this season's penultimate episode, 'Second Star to the Right,'" TVLine reported. (Watch out for Episode 21.)

4. Do we get to see more of Emma Swan's magic abilities?

5. How will Henry be the Dark One's undoing? Will the infamous dagger find another owner by the end of Season 2?

6. How long will Belle suffer from memory loss? The next OUAT episode will be Belle-centered, only we'll know her as Lacey. "Lacey's very interesting," Emilie de Ravin told the PaleyFest audience, according to TVLine. De Ravin went to as far as calling her character "Racy Lacey." (Interesting, eh?) On whether Belle will recover her memory soon, OUAT co-creator Edward Kitsis said, "Have hope and faith and we'll see what happens."

7. How can Snow White redeem herself? What kind of atonement (assuming there is) could wipe away the darkness in her heart?

8. Will we see the trio of Mulan, Aurora and Prince Phillip again? OUAT co-creator Adam Horowitz earlier tweeted an intriguing tease: "I wonder what happened to Aurora, Mulan and Phillip? #finalespoiler? #onceuponatime."

9. What kind of finale will the OUAT deliver this time? Last year, we saw that true love's kiss also works in Storybrooke. Is there a grand fairy tale act for us again this time?

10. Where will Once Upon a Time Season 3 be set? Season 1 dished about 60 per cent past Enchanted Forest, 40 per cent present Storybrooke. OUAT Season 2 has so far delivered about 10 per cent past Enchanted Forest, 60 per cent present Storybrooke-Manhattan, and 30 per cent present Enchanted Forest. Could we somehow land in Neverland for most of the third season? (There's been a long build-up to the Hook-Crocodile-Missing Peter Pan story.)


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