Once Upon a Time Season 2: More Questions, Speculations, and Now – a Spin Off!

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 skips the week again, with a new episode scheduled to air on Apr. 21 (Sunday). Viewers are left hanging with questions and speculations, as a report of OUAT spinoff surfaced online.

Below are some of the Once Upon a Time speculations we have rounded up from online forums. OUAT fans have to wait for two more weeks, with only spoilers and speculations to tide them over.

1. Neal/Baelfire as Peter Pan. Viewers have learned in OUAT Manhattan-set episodes that Rumple's son knows Captain Hook. We know that Neal has traveled across lands, but we don't know much about his adventures. If Neal is not Peter Pan, how did he meet Hook?

2. Rumple and Henry to meet in crossroads. Rumple's grandson, Henry, is predicted to become the Dark One's undoing. We've seen Rumple blame Henry for his near-death situation. It seems like sometime in the future, Rumple will have to decide how to stop Henry from becoming his undoing. And Henry will have to find a way to his gramp's heart.

3. Snow White's redemption. Snow White and her black heart is one of the best twists OUAT writers have shown since Emma Swan's use of her own magic skills. To rectify her riddled conscience, Snow White may have to offer a great sacrifice. But could her heart come back to its spotless state?

4. Greg Mendel vs The Evil Queen. It is not clear whether Regina/The Evil Queen has done any harm to Greg's father. But Greg and Tamara are plotting a big vengeance. From the spoilers, it seems Henry would be involved in the pair's schemes. Will we see another Emma Swan-Evil Queen team-up for Henry's sake?

5. The magic beans as key to the Enchanted Forest. Anton the Giant's magic beans will soon be sprouting. This will change the situation in so many ways. The characters will soon be able to return to the Enchanted Forest. Could anything stop them this time?

Deadline.com has reported Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis have been working on a spinoff. OUAT has shown some interesting Wonderland adventures with the Mad Hatter, and this inspired the producers to pitch a separate series with Alice (Sophie Lowe) and the Mad Hatter (Sebastian Stan). Now that OUAT Season 2 finale has been filmed, the duo can work on their pitch and see if things move forward.

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