Once upon a Time Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Child of the Moon’ Recap: Red Riding Hood's Story

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"Once Upon a Time" continues the exploration of Fairytale characters in somewhat magic-less Storybrooke. But magic could not be far behind.

Rumpelstiltskin is still brewing magic. This magic saved Belle from forgetting all about her past. Regina still has some magic left, too. But they need more than what they have now in order to bring things back to normal - whatever "normal" means to them. Meanwhile, they do what they can to cope with semi-normal life in Storybrooke.

Here are the highlights of what happened on Season 2 Episode 7: 'Child of the Moon' - A Red Riding Hood story

- Snow White's Seven Dwarves found diamonds in the mining site. When these diamonds are refined, they will turn into fairy dust.

- King George reappears and poses threats against his adoptive son, the shepherd.

- Ruby worries about the first full moon since magic was brought into Storybrooke. She's not taking chances. Another wolf, err, two wolves from her Fairy Land past are introduced.

- Henry suffers another nightmare, but this time he sees someone else in the bad dream. He wakes up with burns. Good thing Gramps David asks Mum Regina to look after him while he responds to an emergency. (This family ties are getting more complicated, but it's somehow working out.) Regina is shocked to find out her beloved child could get burns from a "nightmare."

- Mr Gold, wearing one of his many hats in the series, becomes Henry's nightmare doctor. He recommends a nightmare control. He says if Henry could control his nightmares, he would not be afraid. In response to Regina's price query, Mr Gold says, "This one's on me." (But everything comes with a price, Rumpel!) This brings to mind the question, is Henry's father related to Mr Gold?

- Red learns from wolf mum how to control her own nightmare. But their reunion is not exactly pleasant.

- Two things are needed for a portal: fairy dust and the Mad Hatter's hat. David will lose one half of what he needs to get to Mary Margaret and Emma.

In the next episode, Prince Charming finds another way to cross lands. Meanwhile, Snow White and Emma face Cora's schemes to snatch the magic compass. But viewers, be informed, OUAT will take a break for a week.

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