Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 10: "The Cricket Game" Teams Up Regina and Emma

Once Upon a Time Season 2: A big reunion coming up?
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Once Upon a Time Season 2 will return in January with Episode 10: "The Cricket Game." The title suggests the spotlight will be on Jiminy Cricket for this episode. But the official synopsis places Regina and Emma in the center of the action.

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 10: 'The Cricket Game' synopsis goes:

"When Regina is accused of murder, everyone assumes the worst... except for Emma. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, Snow and Charming must decide what to do with the Evil Queen once they've brought her to justice."

Time and the wheel of change come to play in this post-hiatus episode. Emma will go out of her way to save the enemy that her parents had tried to execute nearly three decades ago. Now at which point will the Cricket aka Archie be in the game? Fans could only speculate for now. But know this: spoilers say Regina and Archie will have a confrontation.

OUAT Season 2: Is Henry's dad in Manhattan? OUAT getting better despite layers

In the first season of OUAT, the story only peaked right towards the finale -- when Henry took a bite of the Evil Queen's apple. Now at Season 2, there are several layers of stories that could peak anytime soon.

OUAT executive producer Adam Horowitz recently tweeted a little clue about what's coming up in 2013 - aside from Cora, Hook, and Regina's pity party.

"Happy Holidays all! Tiny present for #OnceUponATime fans... ep 214 "Manhattan" -- Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday!"

Manhattan, eh? The last time OUAT was in Manhattan was at the second season premiere when Henry's father was introduced. The thing with Neal Cassady, Henry's dad, is that he could very well be Baelfire, Rumpelstiltskin's estranged son. Horowitz could have just hinted an important reunion - way outside Storybrooke.

As always, one episode at a time. Once Upon a Time Season 2 returns with fresh episodes on Jan. 6.

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