‘Once Upon a Time’ Casts Australian Actress Georgina Haig as Elsa From ‘Frozen’ [VIDEO]

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“Once Upon a Time” has cast its Elsa. Australian actress Georgina Haig will be playing the show’s live action snow queen version from the blockbuster animated series “Frozen.”

Haig, who played Paula Yates in “Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS,” is perhaps known to American audiences as Etta Bishop in the now-defunct sci-fi series “Fringe.” She also stars as Lee Anne in the crime drama “Reckless.”

In her native Australia, the 28-year-old actress is known for her role in the children’s show “The Elephant Princess,” as well for her appearances in the teen-oriented drama “Dance Academy.”

In what is perhaps her most anticipated role to date, Haig has secured the coveted role of Elsa, the snow queen in “Frozen” who has inadvertently cursed her whole kingdom to eternal winter.

Warning: spoiler ahead!

According to TVLine, the incarnation of Elsa in “OUAT” will also unleash her powers upon a town, making it suffer from eternal winter. However, it’s only because she is struggling to control her powers.

“Ultimately, she realised that the key to keeping her powers in check is love – namely, her bond with younger sister Anna – and now she is aware of the threat she poses if she were to lose control of her magic again,” the Web site reads.

Anna has also been cast, along with her love interest.

Newcomer Elizabeth Lail will play the Arendelle princess, while “Greek” star Scott Michael Foster will play Kristoff.

“We are very well aware of how beloved [Frozen] is, so we’re very careful that we want to tell a story that is uniquely ours but also honours those characters that everyone fell in love with this past year,” co-creator Adam Horowitz told TVLine.

The fourth season of “OUAT” will begin where “Frozen” left off, Entertainment Weekly reported. Elsa’s arrival was revealed during the third season finale in May.

It is expected to premiere later in 2014.

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