Omar Borkan Al Gala Reveals! “I’m SINGLE!” [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Dubai’s “Too Handsome” Guy, Omar Borkan Al Gala Reveals He’s Single!


 Women of the world, Omar Borkan Al Gala, the man deported for being “too handsome” has revealed that his heart has yet to be taken by anyone!

“I’m single,” thus revealed the self-described poet and model in an exclusive interview with a local television in the Philippines - - the first interview granted by the world’s new internet sensation, deported for his “unlawful good looks.”

Omar Borkan Al Gala revealed that no woman has yet to capture his “beautiful heart” in an exclusive interview with Philippines’ local television network, GMA Network. In the program “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho,” aired on the local TV Channel 7, Omar announced: “I’m Single!” showing the “too handsome” clasping his fist close to his heart, while wearing big smiles as he moved them closer to him.

Still continuing with his beautiful smiles, Omar added that “loving is not so difficult for him.”

He said: “I give love for whoever gives me love, I just get loved back,” and without much of hesitation, Omar quipped, “Whoever says I love you. I say, I love you too.”

There you have it girls! Omar Borkan Al Gala is single. Check out the video at TRT 2:31 to hear Omar announced he is still available in the “love” market.

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In the interview which appeared to be an online interview, with images captured perfectly well by the GMA TV production crew Omar greeted his viewers and bid them love in Filipino native language, “Mahal Kita” the direct translation for “I Love You,” has no doubt captured the hearts of thousands of locals - - some of whom may have seen him for the first time while others could have seen him online already before watching the show. Even local Filipinos could not help but gushed over his good looks, noting that even man admitted to admiring his handsome face.

The actor and model also noted how things have changed for him following the instant international stardom that resulted from his deportation from Saudi Arabie for fear of how the Dubai native would make an impact to their women.

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