Omar Borkan Al Gala: Meet the Mom of the World’s “Too Handsome” Man on Mother’s Day 2013 [PHOTOS]

The Man Deported for His Unlawful Good Looks Posted Picture of Him and His Mom on Mother’s Day


Women join Omar Borkan Al Gala in greeting his Mom on Mother’s Day. Calling his Mom, “My Hero,” Omar posted a picture of him and his mother, taken in what looked like a bench in a park. With flowers at the background of mother and son, Omar and his yet to be named mother, both look happy and all smiles as they both looked at the camera for their private, precious moment.

Omar Borkan Al Gala: “Me & My Hero (Mom) ,, Happy mother's day. I’m always beside you when it comes to show your mom how much you Love Her.”

His followers on Facebook have joined Omar in paying tribute to his Mom, noting that “now they know where the Dubai hunk has gotten his ‘good looks’ from.” Michele Roberts: “Now I see where you get your good looks. She's beautiful.” Maribel Morales: “You have her eyes and smile”

Some complimented Omar’s mom for her good looks as others greeted her on Mother’s Day 2013. Khadija Afaaq: “That's your mom? She's so young.” Yolanda Oyola Rivera: “...happy mother day is you for you.” Jennifer Francisco: “Happy Mother's Day to your mom!” Aime Dh: “Happy Mother's day..God Bless you and your mom! hugs...”

Others thanked Omar’s mom for creating such a “beautiful creature” as Omar. Margarita Miranda Fernandez: “Guauuuu!!!!! Ella es la mujer k trajo al.mundo tanta belleza,señora sepa k muuuuchas le agradecemos por haber hecho esa cosita tan linda Guauuuu! She is the woman k brought al.mundo so much beauty, Lady know k waaaaay thank you for having made this so cute little thing: P (Translated by Bing).” Vicky Duran: “Happy Mother's Day to her... And I want to thank her for giving birth to a Gorgeous Guy!!!”

Still others dared give Omar advice on how to love his mom while he still can and make the most of it when time permits. Josefina F Andujar: “l've read your message but i can not show my mother how much i love her ... she is you have her adore her and take good care for her because when she die you are going to miss her like hell.” Noergana Loela: “you are lucky to properly care for your mom...”

A look at the photo showed Omar in jeans and formal footwear, teaming it up with dark jacket and inner top. He completed his hottie looks with a knitted head gear, clearly ditching his traditional one which hundreds of thousands of women had known him for when news of his deportation for his good looks stormed the web in late April 2013. His mom, however was dressed in women’s traditional clothing in Dubai.

Meanwhile, Omar talks of his instant stardom in a recent interview with Yahoo. He had discussed beauty and the best ways to handle it, underscoring how beauty should be appreciated. The 25-year-old model and actor who was deported for being “too handsome” has shared his thoughts to his supporters and fans whose numbers skyrocketed to hundreds of thousands in just 48 hours.

“It's amazing feeling, flattering at the same time feels just amazing turn my life upside down injust 48 hours,” before adding “I had the most amazing awesome twist in my life, been connecting with my fans all over [the world] the social network, Facebook and Twitter,” Omar said of his new-found fame.

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