Omar Borkan Al Gala: After His Beautiful Face, Women Now Fall in Love With His “Perfect Sounding Voice!” [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Omar Borkan Al Gala Impress More Women With his , Hot, Sexy Voice


He can write and he can melt women’s heart with his “too handsome” face, more so when he smiles. But now Omar Borkan Al Gala is “killing” women all over the world with his “perfect sounding voice.” As if they could not believe that Omar Borkan Al Gala actually exists, more women have gone haywire to hear the voice of the man deported for his “unlawful good looks.” And for them, Omar is now more than perfect!

A sixty-six (66) second video of Omar has recently been posted on YouTube, featuring Omar speaking both in English and his native, Arabic language.

The first thirty-three seconds of the video had Omar speaking in English. Standing against a backdrop in what he said was a place in Vancouver, Canada, Omar addressed his followers now have grown close to 800,000 just ten days after the news broke out that he was deported from Saudi Arabia to his native Dubai for being too handsome.

“Hello everyone, this is Omar Borkan Al Gala. Vancouver City, this is just an amazing place. Thanks for all your support, all the love that you guys have been giving me. You guys are amazing. I’m speechless, overwhelmed!” Omar Borkan Al Gala said in the video.

After 33 seconds, indoor shots were taken and inserted, with the self-described actor, model and fashion photographer speaking in his native language. For some women, this is way “too hotter” than the Omar they had seen on the first part of the video.

Blowing a kiss to his rapidly increasing number of female followers, an action by which Omar had really “killed” it as women have gone “crazy” over his video posted on his official page, “Omar Borkan Al Gala” on YouTube on May 3, 2013. Thousands of women could not stop talking about how perfect his voice sounds and how he has become even more perfect than he is to them, by just looking at his photos.

Sumairah Johar:"My Godddddd......... he is tooooo sexyy" Jessica Dong: "your voice gives me the tingles much love from Australia habibi Sonam Berreck" Samantha Attfield: “In arabic omgggggg soo much hotter”" Ash Menon Grey Ang: “the voice. THE VOICE.”

One comment by his follower that earned most replies is the cryptic one from May Tun who said: “OMG !! He can speak. (Friday 3 May 2013 at 6:06pm with 31 Replies). Tun’s message has earned mixed reactions from fellow followers - - some found it nicely cute, others put it in so many words, as if convincing themselves, that indeed Omar Borkan Al Gala is not just a pigment of the imagination of hundreds of women around the world. The man is real and thanks to his perfect sounding voice!

Nadia Khalil: “most stupid and cute coment in same time I read in all my life !!! of courses he can speak !!! its a human not a cat lol” Lisa Baduria Al Joabi: “of course he can, and fluent in 2 languages at that!” Christina Murphy: “haha ha brilliant......he's so pretty to look at, had i never heard him speak i'd not think any less of him, but this is the icing on the cake heehee” Tamara Johnson: “His english is PERFECT! Great voice!” Melissa Vega: “He looks like not real *-* but now we know he does!!” Delfina Mota: “you exist? It is so perfect!”

Omar, who admitted being speechless and overwhelmed by the love and support given by his followers promised more photos and videos for his followers.

“Stay tune for more pictures, more videos are gonna come on the internet... Just am gonna make ‘em bigger!,” Omar said before switching to his native language, then ended the video blowing kisses to his followers on social media. From a mere 85K followers on Facebook on April 24, Omar now has almost 800K followers and with 850K people talking about him online. The new internet obsession has also found himself on Twitter and on Tumblr, and most recenly on YouTube, with two videos posted since his ‘deportation’ went viral last week.

Omar Borkan Al Gala propelled to global recognition after he was identified as one of the men to have been deported from Saudi Arabia and authorities threw him out of a festival for fear that women in the country would interact with him - - a religious norm that forbid women from getting close to men not related to them.

There’s no stopping women, however from all over the world from expressing their thoughts to now very famous, Dubai native who describes himself a poet, a model, an actor and fashion photographer.

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